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Water Works measure up through M2M Connectivity

Primayer are one of Europe’s leading providers of monitoring and leakage detection technology, working alongside national and international water and utility organisations.



Since their inception the company has built an enviable reputation in developing highly resilient water data loggers that effectively measure, record and report on flow, pressure, leakage and consumption. With tens of thousands of loggers currently monitoring networks across the UK and Europe, each individual unit relies on SMS and increasingly GPRS connectivity from Wireless Logic, to report back to central control panels. From here mission-critical real-time analysis can alert water providers on the state of their networks – high flow, low pressure can mean leaks within the system or un-billed consumption.

  • UK-based Primayer now monitoring water flow and pressure for many of Europe’s largest utility organisations
  • SIM-based technology from below the surface keeps water networks optimised
  • Connectivity platform and mobile network choice delivered by Wireless Logic

Loggers such as Primayer’s industry beating XiLog+ and their eco water-driven logger XiLog-eco can send packets of data as often as every 15 minute intervals. Until recently limited to SMS messaging, remote loggers are now equipped for larger data delivery via GPRS. With data intervals able to go down to a per second basis, the flexibility of GPRS gives water organisations high levels of network knowledge enabling them to react to leak situations as well as analysis of usage trends. Each logger features high performance state-of-the-art below ground antenna able to link up to each country’s mobile networks.

The Solution

Behind every SIM-based logger is the M2M connectivity delivered by Wireless Logic. As Europe’s highest profile and market leading M2M Managed Services provider, Wireless Logic provide a range of network connectivity solutions for both the UK and increasingly across Europe.

With a number of data packages from 0.5mb to over 5mb per month, Primayer’s entire SIM estate can be monitored across the Wireless Logic multi-network provisioning platform, SIMPro. From here, the technical teams at Primayer are able to measure data activity, provision and switch off SIMs, and manage personalised billing for each of their customers. Of key business importance, the company also utilises Wireless Logic’s ability to aggregate data usage enabling fully transparent and equalised data charging across an entire water-based infrastructure.

With the arrival of global SIMs Primayer and Wireless Logic are increasingly turning to these multi-network connectivity solutions. O2 Global is now integrated into several water monitoring systems communicating securely across Wireless Logic’s private network layer, NetPro. Using private APNs, Primayer can now deliver a single Europe-wide connectivity solution for organisations wanting uniformity regardless of location.

Wireless Logic’s Head of Business Development, Jon-Paul Clarke recognises that technology-based organisations like Primayer must have the most flexible attitude in selecting mobile data packages: “Primayer operate within a highly competitive space where scrutiny takes place on all operational costs. Whilst they are in the business of saving money for their clients’ water networks, it’s also pertinent for them to demonstrate how they package up a comprehensive data logging solution with value in-built at every stage. For the connectivity Wireless Logic delivers three key aspects – competitiveness through the right tariff and in spreading the load through data aggregation, resilience and reliability in our private infrastructure, and a gateway to every UK and European network that gives choice and confidence.”

We recognise the importance in providing our clients with the best-in-class logging solutions that are quality-driven, reliable and economic. With a life-span of five years for our standard XiLog+ and even longer for our XiLog-eco, it is vital that mobile network connectivity has legs. Working with Wireless Logic gives us the confidence to source the right network for the job. This is where their network-agnostic approach and sector knowledge come to the fore.

Barbara Hathaway,
Technical Services Manager
Wireless Logic

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