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Big Data and M2M Connectivity combine to support UK’s newest energy player


Limejump is a technology-driven utility harnessing the power of big data to positively disrupt and transform today’s energy market. As one of the UK’s newest technology organisations, Limejump operates the fastest growing virtual power plant – empowering businesses and small scale generators to take control of their energy, earn new revenue streams and contribute towards a greener energy future.

Limejump’s technology-led approach is designed to optimise a portfolio of small-scale generators and businesses with flexible demand by extracting their data on-site via a smart box, pushing it to their cloud-based software platform and optimising their energy export and usage in real-time in response to market and grid signals. This allows customers to get the most competitive price for their power and earn new revenues for being flexible with their energy consumption.

Smart boxes that create savings and profit

By connecting businesses and smaller scale generators and utilising the rich usage and availability data, Limejump are creating a positive impact to the country’s energy challenges – typically generating 2% increase on profits for generators, earning £000’s for businesses and providing balancing services to the National Grid. With the national rollout just two years ago, adoption of the energy platform has made good progress as users embrace what has been referred to as ‘a complex energy challenge, made simple.’

The technology behind Limejump involves ‘smart boxes’ that are integrated into a customer’s existing energy metering system. The two-way data communicates with Limejump’s sophisticated online platform which presents customers with key energy performance information and supporting intelligence analytics. And it is from the platform that Limejump can automatically create the key savings and energy marketing opportunities on a minute by minute basis.

SIM management solutions for big data tracking

The Challenge

As real-time data analysis is fundamental to the Limejump offering, it is vital to establish that connectivity between a customer’s or generator’s site is resilient, fast and secure. For many installations within complex commercial sites, the practicalities of fixed line connectivity are limiting. So to ensure rapid and more flexible communication, Limejump identified the power of mobile of M2M cellular connectivity and turned to Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services provider, Wireless Logic.

In scoping the requirement, Limejump looked to source an end-to-end solution encompassing hardware, connectivity and SSL VPN. Additionally, faced with multiple locations, it was imperative to use several mobile networks for signal optimisation with all terminating into the one platform.

The Solution

In developing the complete connectivity solution, Wireless Logic proposed their NetPro secure infrastructure which features multiple interconnects with the major networks. NetPro is a ready-made VPN with zero CAPEX. Uptimes at 99.79% and dual failover make the network highly reliable and resilient. For connectivity, it was essential to give Limejump total flexibility in choice – consequently, tariffs were developed for Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three. In defining the most suitable router, Wireless Logic’s Business Solutions team recommended a NetcommWireless NTC- 6200, multi-functional, 3G and with speeds of up to 14.4Mbps. Configuration to Limejump’s specification is part of the Wireless Logic offering, so that each solution arrives fully tested, working out-of-the-box. This enables plug and play operation at the customer site, streamlining the process and minimising time taken on-site.

360 degree visibility of Limejump’s connected SIMs

A further requirement was to identify effective cost-management of the connected assets making sure data-hungry devices would not run amok. To address this, all SIMs were assigned Fixed IPs enabling real-time data usage to be monitored across Wireless Logic’s SIMPro management platform. SIMPro is a one-window portal that gives visibility, control and data insight into entire SIM estates across all networks. One can further drill down to view and manage SIMs by group, essential for the scaleable business which will see Limejump deploy multiple assets where customers have many commercial sites.

With Big Data key to the algorithms within Limejump’s platform, two-way traffic to each connected smart box can run to 4Gb per month. Whilst some deployments may use less data, aggregation on a per network basis helps Limejump with cost control. Through the SIMPro platform, a running commentary on real-time usage can assure best usage policy whilst the use of alerts can notify of deployments where data is close to the monthly level.

Oliver Wallington, Business Development Manager, Wireless Logic said: “Supporting an innovative brand like Limejump demonstrates how M2M/IoT technology can deliver real immediacy in critical areas such as energy management. Wireless Logic’s infrastructure, control platform and connectivity have been designed to complement Limejump’s highly scaleable business model. We look forward to the adoption of this important virtual power platform as it continues its growth throughout the UK.”

The flexibility of mobile connectivity means that our smart box deployments into a customer’s working environment is less-invasive. We therefore hold great store in the secure communications provided by Wireless Logic along with their ‘rolled-up’ service delivery. We can focus on our day to day activities knowing that our systems are communicating reliably and to budget.

James Gratton,
Senior Engineering Manager, Limejump
Wireless Logic

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