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Reducing fleet fuel costs with IoT connectivity


Lightfoot Driver Behaviour Technology is helping to reduce the carbon footprint and cost of fuel for fleet operators of all size.

“Our simple idea was to develop a system that coaches the driver every minute of every day, with regular reporting back of performance to the fleet owner.”
Mark Roberts, MD, Lightfoot

Making light of fuel economy
Drivers receive live information on their driving performance using a simple traffic light system. It means they’re informed and encouraged to drive in a more fuel efficient way. An embedded SIM within the Lightfoot module sends data to a central server from which fleet management can advise, encourage and incentivise individual drivers.

Reduce fleet fuel costs with IoT connectivity

Our challenge

Flexible, cost-effective and reliable connectivity were Lightfoot’s key priorities for Wireless Logic.

“The technical brief from Lightfoot was straightforward from a solutions perspective. They wanted relatively low data usage, two-way communication via SMS, so that the system can be adjusted and interrogated, and broad-reaching network coverage.

Yet a key aspect of the business structure for Lightfoot was the recurring revenue model. We developed a number of bespoke plans across several networks which enabled Lightfoot to secure long-term revenue-generating opportunities that are highly competitive for their customer base.”
Jon-Paul Clarke, Wireless Logic

Utilising Vodafone and Telenor

We are primarily using the Vodafone network for UK-based Lightfoot installations with further support from Telenor for applications in Turkey, Spain and Greece. Inactive SIMs are sent to Lightfoot’s installation team from which activation is then controlled via our SIMPro Platform.

“SIMPro is a critical part of the ‘just in time’ installation process as we retrofit Lightfoot. By having complete control of our SIM base, we can switch on, switch off, monitor data usage and overall performance through one window. Connectivity is the lifeblood of Lightfoot; we have to have complete confidence in every part of the airtime process.”
Mark Roberts, MD, Lightfoot


Lightfoot is always on, always monitoring driver performance and always advising on how the driving style can change to give optimum return on fuel usage. Additional benefits include reduction in engine, brake and clutch wear, fewer accidents resulting in a positive effect on insurance premiums, and reduced vehicle and driver downtime.

“The results are clear to see – fuel savings ranging from 14 to 23%. Our customers can see the distinct behavioural changes immediately and then they just do the sums.”
Mark Roberts, MD, Lightfoot

“Lightfoot behaviour technology has arrived at the right time for fleet operators. It delivers on the ongoing need to reduce transport costs whilst capitalising on the immediacy of live data analysis enabled by M2M connectivity.

Lightfoot and Wireless Logic have worked hard to deliver a highly effective yet simple telematics solution that focuses on the driver. No complex data on engine performance, but a real focus on what their right foot is doing. We are delighted with the results to date and are collectively confident in rolling out Lightfoot across mainland Europe.”
Jon-Paul Clarke, Wireless Logic


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Live communication is key and we are confident that in Wireless Logic, we have chosen the right partner to deliver and manage the SIM-based connectivity.

Mark Roberts,
Managing Director, Lightfoot
Wireless Logic

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