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Just Eat: enhancing customer satisfaction with IoT connectivity

About Just Eat

Just Eat are a leading food order and delivery brand. Operating in over 13 countries and leading the latest in technological innovation, they offer customers an easy and secure way of ordering and paying from over 100,000 food vendors and restaurants.

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With a business model based on connecting customers to restaurant partners, Just Eat’s online ordering platform is at the heart of their success — and so it’s imperative that the platform is reliably and securely connected. But, historically, this system has had a reliance on overburdened fixed lines, at times resulting in missed orders and delays in serving customers.

As a result, it became clear that Just Eat needed guaranteed, reliable IoT connectivity in the hands of their restaurant partners.


To combat their issues with fixed lines, and importantly to mitigate any delays between restaurant partners and customers, Just Eat pioneered the development of their ‘Just Connect’ box — a system that allowed restaurant partners to accept, decline or modify orders through ‘feedback and confirmation buttons’.

The box worked through a combination of a GPRS modem, small thermal printing device, and crucially, a Wireless Logic data SIM. Each embedded SIM has a private APN, and was activated upon the signing of the service contract, and so was active as soon as they it was installed within each restaurant.

This system has since been upgraded to a newly launched Orderpad tablet with a built-in printer. Utilising the three main UK networks, alongside SFR, Bouygue, Telefonica, Orange, Telenor, 3 Ireland, and Vodafone in Australia and Italy, we provide the connectivity for this system, which works on both wi-fi and cellular networks, as a back-up solution.


The original Just Connect box allowed restaurants, for the first time, to have a two-way communication device via a secure fixed IP address — which gave Just Eat greater control over the services of their restaurant partners, allowing them to respond to and modify orders where necessary.

Since then, Just Eat have amassed tens of thousands of subscriptions across the globe, and through the use of local and roaming SIMs, data usage has increased from 3mb to 20mb per month, per device.

This increase in data usage has led Orderpad to become reliant on our SIM Management platform, SIMPro. With reliable connectivity covered, SIMPro allows Just Eat to have complete visibility of their data usage and state of devices in the field, showing whether they are active or not, and when last logged on.

SIMPro also enables Just Eat HQ to view their entire connected estate globally, while individual countries can view their Orderpad data usage and activity on a localised country-by-country basis — thus streamlining the invoicing process.

Ultimately, Orderpad acts as an essential tool for gathering customer and restaurant feedback — a feat that wouldn’t be possible without reliable connectivity. The system played a key role in helping to develop Just Eat’s services, and in improving overall customer satisfaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

The fact of having all our SIM cards with Wireless Logic allows us to work in a more efficient way and have the costs controlled, whatever operator and rate. Thanks to the SIMPro system, we can autonomously manage each of the lines, an aspect of vital importance given the Just Eat business model.

Jesús Rebollo,
Country Manager, Just Eat Spain
Wireless Logic

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