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Case Study

Mobilising and connecting remote users

Mobile working aids mobile workers – the start of the road to mobile and flexible working

The Challenge

  • Cloned Data
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Inefficient system

The Solution

Currently under trial, Wireless Logic has developed a mobile data solution enabling Croydon’s Social Workers to visit patients armed with a tablet PC, as opposed to a traditional manual office data entry system linked to the Patient Record system which is often copied and mis-matched.

The new tablet PC system improves morale and increases productivity and efficiency. The solution has now been rolled out to over 300 users.

The Solution

  • Increased productivity
  • No data entry errors
  • Unique patients records

Mobile working is key to the future strategy of Croydon Council; to help aid mobile workers …This project is just the start of the road to mobile and flexible working

Keith Mackey,
IT Manager, Croydon Council

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