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IoT connectivity platform and infrastructure solutions for the Security Sector


UK-based Adey Electronics have created a strategic partnership to work alongside Wireless Logic as their managed services partner for cellular connectivity. Adey’s principle business is the design and supply of solutions for specialist M2M communications. Their strength lies in a unique combination of engineering and data communications skills delivering three main services – Real Time M2M Data Solutions, Remote Security Management and Internet: Anytime, Always.

Applying innovative hardware and software solutions to deliver the three ‘R’s – Reach, Reliability and Rugged, Adey has forged close relationships with customers such as specialist remote security company VPS, the vacant property specialists and their in-house innovation centre Quatro Electronics. Working alongside Quatro, Adey have supported a growing number of their specialist remote security solutions which are used to monitor vacant properties and sites 24/7.

IoT connectivity platform and infrastructure solutions for the Security Sector

The Challenge

It is through VPS that the relationship between Adey and Wireless Logic commenced. Faced with the challenge to provide multiple mobile network with 3G/4G connectivity and secure VPN, Quatro/Adey saw the need to instigate several tunnels to VPNs across each mobile network operator as prohibitive. Meeting up with Wireless Logic created an entirely different approach.

The Quatro® SmartTower ® is a unique solution for powerful video verified technology designed for remote site protection delivering a robust and cost-effective alternative to manned guards. The need for ‘always on’  is vital to the solution in providing remote alarm conditions, monitoring and notification across high-speed cellular connectivity. Working closely with Quatro, Adey’s key role has been in the software and network development of a reliable 4G platform involving the integration of a LR77 B&B Conel router that houses Dual SIM 4G capability and built-in GPS. As an IP-based communications system, the router features high-end bi-directional automation such as remote camera operation. And through the bandwidth of 3G, 4G/LTE, the streaming of live video and CCTV images has given new dimensions in the field of remote automated security.

The Solution

Wireless Logic’s M2M Managed Services including, connectivity and private network infrastructure have fulfilled a vital cog in the communications aspect of the overall solution. By utilising its NetPro network overlay, the Quatro SmartTower can employ multiple Mobile Networks suited to each site location, over one dedicated IPsec VPN. Assigning Fixed IP to each network SIM, and having all UK networks connected via a single APN enables the entire SIM estate to be managed in one. This layer and degree of security delivers untold commercial benefits as customers such as VPS Group receive one consolidated contract spanning a number of networks such as O2, Vodafone, Three and Everything Everywhere (EE). The Wireless Logic connectivity solution also empowers users to monitor performance and tariff management via its provisioning platform ‘SIMPro’. Through SIMPro, one window enables users such as VPS Group to view and control their entire SIM estate, regardless of network. VPS are also looking to expand this solution into Europe, and by using Wireless Logic’s local network agreements in Germany, France and Spain means that the same solution can be duplicated across these locations under the same platform and infrastructure set-up.

A bright future with many opportunities
For Adey Electronics, partnering with Wireless Logic completes a 360⁰ solution for programmes such as Quatro Electronics’ SmartTower.

Ollie Wallington, Business Development Manager for Wireless Logic adds: “Adey have created a number of niche solutions that have focused on security, yet their skillset and client base is even more far reaching. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to deliver both local and global solutions for them as they take their propositions internationally.

“Our partnership means that they will be able to access over 19 global mobile networks, all with our private network overlay, and with the certain knowledge that they can wrap up complete end-to end comms and connectivity solutions competitively and with confidence.”

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Our ability to add a diverse range of connectivity and network overlay packages gives Adey a distinct edge in our M2M solutions. Customers such as Quatro and VPS can approach us with confidence to deliver exceptional end to end communications. We are delighted to have Wireless Logic on board.

Lewis Harvey,
Business Development Manager of Adey Electronics.
Wireless Logic

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