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Delivering the highest throughput speed and bandwidth of any LPWAN technology.

What is LTE-M?

LTE-M provides support for over the air (OTA) updates and delivering latency and speeds broadly equivalent to 3G, it’s likely to replace 3G (and some 2G) services over the next few years.


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What are the benefits

Lower hardware costs and longer battery life offset by:

Battery efficient

LTE-M will provide the most energy efficient solution for applications that are battery or solar powered.

Wide range of IoT use cases

Best for low power IoT devices that require higher speed or two-way data transfers, mobility or voice/SMS services.

Cost effective

Lower hardware costs and longer battery life make LTE-M a cost-effective wireless solution.

Mobile & stationary use cases

LTE-M supports cell to cell roaming making it better for mobile applications and has better signal penetration for indoor or under-ground deployments.

Considerations for deploying LTE-M

Fragmented coverage
Currently limited or no coverage in many countries

Only a single network per country
Single network in most countries limits resilience

Cell to cell roaming
LTE-M supports mobile and stationary sensor application

Supports broader range of applications v NB-IoT
Voice, SMS, Data support makes LTE-M a good general purpose solution

2G/3G network sunsetting
NB-IoT is a good alternative to 2G/3G in some use-cases

Applications we’re connecting with LTE-M…


LTE-M works well for mobile asset tracking because it allows IoT devices to run from battery power and actively track across regions.

Tracking can be used as a security measure, to monitor environmental factors like temperature or humidity, to monitor and optimise delivery routes. Smaller lower cost trackers will help drive adoption and deliver time and fuel efficiency savings, help prevent theft or reduce waste.

Smart cities

LTE-M supports a wide range of applications such as car park sensors, smart street lighting, traffic monitoring cameras and sensors, and outdoor air-quality can help manage air pollution.

In buildings, air quality monitor sensors integrated with HVAC can help with wellbeing and keeping people safe from viruses such as COVID-19.


The use of IoT devices can improve the safety and efficiency of industrial production.
Sensors can monitor dangerous liquids and gases in tanks, including the correct levels, temperature or pressure.

Monitoring of utility or road/rail infrastructure can support preventative maintenance programs. Tracking commercial or industrial waste can help with adherence to environmental regulations.

Your applications will be secure

LTE-M is a highly secure and cost-effective way to provide connectivity to static and mobile applications and devices that generate low data traffic or have a long-life cycle. LTE-M is compatible with specific modules which our IoT solution experts can advise on and comes with LTE grade security as standard, keeping your data and network secure.

Why Wireless Logic for LTE-M?

IoT Expertise

Knowledge and expertise from our IoT experts to help you select the right solution and keep total cost of ownership low.

MNO Partnerships

Network choice and access to MNO expertise and test labs for your applications.

Ultimate Control

LTE-M services fully integrated into our SIM management platform, SIMPro.


Multi-layer security that builds in the high security standards built into NB-IoT. ISO27001 certified.

Rapid Deployment

Fast and expert deployment, solution design, customer service and tech support.

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