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Flexible & future-proof global connectivity for eSIM

eSIM provides flexible & future-proof global connectivity

Deploying cellular-connected IoT devices around the world is complex. Multi-national deployments pose unique challenges around coverage, technology, regulation and SKU management. Working with an eSIM provider early on in the design process delivers many benefits.

Let an expert eSIM provider guide you

Our market leading experts will guide you to the best choices for your project. We know how to resolve the challenges of network sunsetting, permanent roaming restrictions and new LTE (LPWAN) and 5G technology roll-outs.


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Why Wireless Logic for eSIM?

Wireless Logic eSIM is already being used in numerous business applications globally. Combining our GSMA-compliant eSIM with remote SIM provisioning and global mobile network, Wireless Logic provides an advanced digitalised connectivity solution for enterprises, device manufacturers and chipset vendors.


eSIM Profiles

Build high-availability, flexibility and security into your products using our eSIM profile options. For global, regional or local deployments.

Remote SIM Provisioning

Deploy and manage eSIM Profiles remotely and at scale. Use our platform to manage your entire fleet and network operations.

Global Network

Our advanced mobile core network is purpose built for large scale IoT applications with massive connection and data capacity.

Managed Services

SIMPro our connectivity management platform integrates connectivity, eSIM profile, device and security management.

Why choose eSIM?

Wireless Logic’s eSIM provides significant commercial, operational and technical advantages. Perfect for large scale deployments and applications that require a future-proof connectivity solution.

If you are planning projects which involve devices:

  • operating for more than 2 or 3 years in the field
  • manufactured in one country and deployed in many others
  • transmitting high data volumes in more than one country

….then eSIM can simplify the whole supply chain and in-life management processes for IoT applications and devices.  Beginning with manufacturing, using a single SIM component for all devices, Plus the option to embed the SIM card or chip into the device on the production line and provision it later. The single SIM solution enables a single product SKU to be produced which represents enormous cost and time savings for device manufacturers and solution providers.

GSMA Compliance

Wireless Logic eSIM solutions are fully compliant with the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning Architecture for eUICC (the RSP).

eSIM avoids single vendor lock-in, counteracts permanent roaming restrictions, and allows for profile switching for commercial, technical or operational reasons. With no need to physically swap out SIMs, which can be an expensive process.

Logistically, devices can be shipped anywhere in the world, and will connect using Wireless Logic’s bootstrap or initial eSIM profile. New operational profiles can be downloaded onto the SIM if business conditions require it in future.

Remote SIM Provisioning

An eSIM has the ability to store more than one SIM profile. Profiles can be pre-loaded at the original factory provisioning stage or downloaded in an over-the-air (OTA) transaction.

Every eSIM will have a factory installed profile which we define as the Initial Profile or Bootstrap Profile. In many situations this profiles also serves as the operational profile in support of the initial phases of test and deployment and for the lifetime of the product.

Performing an over-the-air (OTA) profile change or swap involves downloading and enabling a new operational profile. In practice this typically only happens in one of the following scenarios.

  • Complying with permanent roaming restrictions
  • A tactical (commercial, coverage, performance issues) or location-based profile changes
  • Multinational deployments (for example a device made and tested in China but put into production in 15 other countries).
  • Supports transfer of ownership if devices are re-cycled or re-sold.

Wireless Logic manages the full eSIM life-cycle, giving you the reassurance of seamless, future-proofed global connectivity.


  • Can I use the initial eSIM profile (bootstrap) for the lifetime of my product?
  • When does it make sense to download a new operational profile?
  • What are the costs associated with eSIM setup and profile orchestration?
  • When I change profiles, can I continue to use SIMPro to manage my eSIM estate?
  • Do I need to bring my own profile suppliers or does Wireless Logic manage this for me?

The Wireless Logic team provides independent advice and helps our customers navigate the sometimes complex cellular landscape. Our goal is to help customers make informed eSIM choices and create a long-term connectivity solution. That aligns best with their manufacturing, deployment and in-life operational models, both technical and commercial.

A Single SIM for Global IoT Deployments

Our guide to eSIM, iSIM and multi-IMSI technologies explains how remote SIM provisioning delivers the flexibility and scalability for multi-national IoT deployments.

Download our guide

Some Important Terminology

SIM types and formats

The eSIM and eUICC terms are often used interchangeably.
We use the eSIM term.

All Wireless Logic eSIMs are remotely programmable SIMs which can be either:

  • Replaceable, plastic SIM cards
  • Embedded SIMs

The remote SIM provisioning (RSP) capability of eSIM and iSIM is supported by GSMA compliant systems and processes on the network side combined with SIM level functionality including advanced SIM OS functions and additional secure memory to support the remote programming functions. This makes them different from traditional SIMs.

What is bootstrap?

Bootstrap connectivity is an essential part of eSIM technology.

The bootstrap profile is the initial eSIM profile pre-installed on the SIM and ensures that the device can connect to any available network straight out of the box wherever it is in the world. Wireless Logic can offer global or regional bootstrap profiles, single-IMSI or multi-IMSI on a GSMA-compliant eSIM.

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