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Cat-1 BIS

A strong alternative to 2G, 3G and LPWAN.

What is Cat-1 BIS?

LTE Cat-1 BIS is a mature and globally supported 4G technology. Hardware costs and power consumption are slightly higher than with LTE-M and NB-IoT but it has several benefits.

Businesses will have immediate global support, mobility and more capable technology in terms of bandwidth, latency, eSIM compatibility and total cost of ownership. LTE Cat-1 BIS is a single antenna variant of LTE Cat-1 which helps reduce cost and space.


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The benefits of Cat-1 BIS

A strong alternative to 2G, 3G and LPWAN.


Cat-1 is a standard 4G technology (LTE Release 13). Existing roaming agreements provide global network access with a single SIM SKU.

Performance & fleet management

Lower latency, higher bandwidth and cell handover (mobility) make Cat-1 a strong alternative for 2G/3G, especially for applications which have higher data budgets and are managed via OTA updates.

Energy & cost effective

While Cat-1 has slightly higher hardware costs and energy consumption compared to other LPWAN technologies, it is significantly more effective than Cat-4 and Cat-6.

Supports a range of IoT applications

Consider for low power IoT devices that require higher speed or two-way data transfers or mobility. Can support 3-5 year battery life or applications that use rechargeable batteries.

Considerations for deploying Cat-1 BIS

Global coverage

More flexible and consistent coverage, unlike other LPWAN technologies

Multiple networks per country

Typically 2/3/4 networks per country based on standard 4G roaming agreements

Lower total cost of ownership

Faster time to market. Have options to manage device firmware and eSIM profiles OTA

Shorter battery life

Will support 3-5 year battery life or longer with rechargeable batteries

2G/3G network sunsetting

Cat-1 is a good alternative to 2G/3G in many use-cases

Applications we’re connecting with Cat-1 BIS...


eScooters and eBikes have rechargeable or swappable batteries. Cat-1 enables a lower total cost of ownership with a single SKU manufacturing approach, access to multiple MNO networks in all target markets and supports OTA fleet management.

Asset tracking

Business adopting Cat-1 can reduce their time to market. Consistent 4G coverage provides confidence around network coverage for assets that need to be tracked across international boundaries without
risk of down time.

Safety & security

Applications that monitor people’s safety and security at work and in the home have traditionally used
SMS/voice/data services on 2G/3G. With network sunsetting, Cat-1 is an alternative solution for these types of applications including wearables, lone worker devices, healthcare monitors, emergency call systems.

Your applications will be secure

Cat-1 is a highly secure and cost-effective way to provide connectivity to a wide range of IoT applications including battery or mains powered devices. Cat-1 is compatible with specific modules which our IoT solution experts can advise on and comes with LTE grade security as standard, keeping your data and network secure.

Why Wireless Logic for Cat-1 BIS

IoT Expertise

Knowledge and expertise from our IoT experts to help you select the right solution and keep total cost of ownership low.

MNO Partnerships

Network choice and access to MNO expertise and test labs for your applications.

Ultimate Control

LTE-M services fully integrated into our SIM management platform, SIMPro.


Multi-layer security that builds in the high security standards built into NB-IoT. ISO27001 certified.

Rapid Deployment

Fast and expert deployment, solution design, customer service and tech support.

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