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Ultra High Availability - A 4G failover solution

An advanced SIM solution for mission and business critical applications where safety, reputation or revenue is at risk.

4G failover for business critical applications

Cellular networks are inherently secure and resilient. Outages are not frequent events but they can happen, typically on networks which were designed for consumer services.

Cell or network outages can sometimes be tolerated if the downtime is short however there are many IoT applications where this is not true. Downtime of 30 minutes or longer can create significant issues for solution providers which can lead to loss of revenue or reputation, financial penalties or insurance risks or create health and safety issues. In these scenerios, a 4g failover is necessary.

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Ultra-High Availability explained

Hear from Toby Gasston who explains UHA benefits and why it should be considered for business or safety critical applications which need additional resilience.

Benefits of Ultra High Availability

Maximise online

Our ultra-high availability solutions use on-SIM applications to detect and mitigate network outage issues.

Fault Detection
and failover

Our SIMs use counter measures to automatically detect and switch to an alternative network connection.

Maintain critical

Minimise the impact of interruptions to safety or business critical communications.

Protect your

Use ultra-high availability as a USP and protection against adverse impact on revenue or reputation.

How on-SIM and network services combine to create a 4g failover

Remove single points of failure
Traditional SIMs, including roaming SIMs can suffer from single points of failure.

Build in redundancy
Our ultra-high availability solution provides two isolated end-to-end data paths.

Advanced on-SIM solution
Let the SIM detect and manage outages with minimal development overheads in your device or cloud software.

The SIM will operate independently of network control and initiate fail-over and fall-back automatically.

Solutions Support
We will advise and support you through integration, field testing and full deployment phases.

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