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Vehicle mapping and geo-location solutions for M2M/IoT devices

Google and HERE mapping

World-class vehicle mapping at your fingertips

The importance of selecting the appropriate vehicle mapping platform cannot be overstated when it comes to delivering integrity and positional accuracy to your data outputs, whether complex geospatial solutions or precise fleet telemetry are being employed in your location-based application.

Our two vehicle mapping solutions...

At Wireless Logic, we offer two world-leading mapping solution platforms, namely HERE and Google Maps.

Moreover, our partnership status with HERE and Google Maps ensures that customers can seamlessly access either or both platforms. This provides a competitive edge, allowing for the consolidation of mapping and cellular connectivity costs into a single, convenient monthly bill.

Furthermore, today, the HERE and Google Maps platforms find applications across a diverse range of uses. These include Business Intelligence, Fleet Telematics, Asset Tracking, and Routing, as well as Driver Behavior, Smart Cities, and IoT applications. In each of these applications, mapping solutions play a pivotal role in empowering organizations to enhance decision-making, optimize workforce and asset performance, and deliver more competitive services through precise location awareness.

Notably, Wireless Logic excels in simplifying access to intricate mapping solutions. We offer robust support and commercially competitive pricing, all backed by a team of specialized mapping experts.

It’s worth mentioning that HERE and Google Maps have achieved top rankings in the OVUM Location Performance Index as of August 2019, with HERE ranking first and Google Maps coming in second.

Know where you are... with vehicle mapping solutions

Mapping and geo-location solutions are now used across a growing number of applications including:

Web enhancement 
Creating a more informed web service for your customers – consumer-class experience in enterprise-focused settings.

Mobile Asset Management
Real-time insight and tracking of your assets. Know where they are with GPS, mobile network cell-site and Wifi.

Routing  & navigation
Point to point, optimised matrix multi-vehicle routing, truck attributes, road infrastructure data (e.g speed limits, slopes).

Driver behaviour
Capture position, route, traffic conditions and more to analyse people performance and actions.

Business mapping
Visualise business-critical information in a geographical context to improve insights and decision making.

Geocode & Reverse Geocode
From an address to a point on a map and from GPS latitude/longitude to an address, streamline processes.

Business locator
Make it easier for customers to find your services easily supported by real-time routing information.

Alert your operators, your customers and your business when assets enter defined geo-fenced locations.

Why Wireless Logic?

Our specialist teams can deliver immediate answers. Were making the HERE and Google maps platform more accessible and competitive.

Access to the leading mapping technology

Traditionally, global mapping platforms have been limited by high licensing fees, usage tariffs and set-up costs. Wireless Logic’s partnerships with HERE and Google Maps provide highly effective mapping solutions with low cost entry.

One monthly cost

Competitive pricing is on a per user/case basis and can be combined with connectivity billing into one easy to manage cost. Capital expenditure is reduced with costs spread across contract terms on an OPEX basis.

Single point of contact

Manage your mapping and connectivity through one provider. Our specialist teams can deliver immediate answers, cutting through the typical red tape of dealing with major corporate giants.

Ease of use

Using API and mobile SDK integration tools, complex mapping solutions are simplified with seamless compatibility. Our mapping solutions deliver unlimited data requests and uninterrupted usage.

Sector-leading customer support

Our team includes specialists who have worked directly for the mapping platforms. They know the technology and how to apply it effectively to applications. That covers configuration, day-to-day support and all-round know-how.

Future proofing your mapping-based application

Our mapping experts can keep you updated of market and technology changes to keep you ahead in the mapping solutions arena. You’ll be first to hear of changes and updates, all designed to enhance your application’s location-based performance.

Deciding on the best vehicle mapping platform

HERE and Google Maps are ranked as the very best Location Platforms, globally. Each has its unique features and in many cases, both platforms will deliver equally effective results for an application. In some scenarios, both platforms are used concurrently.

Our mapping solutions experts can talk through the merits of each and provide trials for testing if necessary.

Your next step…

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