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Thanks for visiting. As Europe’s largest provider of IoT & M2M connectivity, we have strategic partnerships with ALL Multiple Mobile Network Operators with a reach to over 600 networks globally – giving users the choice of the best network or networks to suit your IoT communication needs.

We can provide Fixed public and private IP to all SIMs. And we can deliver private APN with optional Secure VPN infrastructure on an Opex-based model. With Wireless Logic, you get the security, resilience and value throughout the duration of your deployment. Whatever your application – low data telemetry, high bandwidth CCTV streaming or the flexibility of multi-IMSI profile SIMs through our Intelligent Network, we will have a connected solution to suit.

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Specialist IoT & M2M Data SIMs connectivity with a range of value-added services.

Router SIMs
From mobile broadband to secure, resilient ADSL back-up and hard-to-reach applications, we can deliver low/high bandwidth data SIMs to suit the application. A range of market-leading branded hardware solutions is also available.

Multiple Networks
Strategic partnerships with multiple networks, with a reach to over 600 networks globally.

Multi-Network SIMs
Wireless Logic’s Intelligent Network – a new network featuring multi-IMSI, multi-profile Over-the-Air (OTA) connectivity solutions. Real-time visibility and control, data-capping and total flexibility.

M2M and IoT SIMs
Connectivity options for a wide range of IoT applications. Industrial or consumer, low or high bandwidth, we can tailor tariffs across one or multiple networks, supported by bespoke and secure APN/VPN infrastructure solutions and management platforms.

International SIMs
Whether your application is local, global, or more suited to  a roaming service, all  tariffs are tailored to the application – whether static, mobile, or cross border.

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Connectivity choice and total management

We partner with all of the UK’s main Mobile Network Operators to give you simple tailored, bundled data packages. Plus for international deployments, we have strategic relationships with multiple networks throughout Europe and beyond. All networks are managed through SIMPro – Wireless Logic’s SIM management platform where users can control provisioning, management, tariffs and troubleshooting. Learn more about Wireless Logic’s connectivity options.

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Jon-Paul Clarke,
Business Development Director