Welcome to the Intelligent network

The world’s first dedicated cellular network for IoT applications. Intelligent is the network of networks – bridging upwards of 600 global networks, all accessible through one smart SIM. It brings together the technologies of Multi-IMSI, pre-programmable/Over-the-Air programmable and user-focused accessibility to deliver a more accountable, flexible and resilient connectivity solution for voice, data and SMS.  The intelligence within Intelligent will empower application users to have more control, right into the core of each network… with self-service tools that will enable always-on, secure and cost-effective communication to assets, wherever they are connected across the globe.  Intelligent is the M2M and IoT Global Network… from Wireless Logic.

Why Intelligent?

Intelligent Network delivers new and unrivalled connectivity solutions for organisations that require a ‘one-size fits all’ communications platform for their IoT applications. In a sea of Mobile Network Operators fighting to deliver more flexibility across their singular solution, Intelligent rides the multiple storms by transcending every global provider to harness their connectivity through one platform and one smart SIM.

By accessing and controlling the network core, Intelligent Network gives customers a single point of service, wide-area infrastructure and the flexibility to avoid ‘lock-ins’ to any particular mobile network for the duration of their connectivity requirement.

Intelligent Network is managed through the Wireless Logic SIMPro control platform. Manage and control your Intelligent smart SIMs directly alongside your other connected devices. All through one window.


Will Intelligent be right for everyone and everything?

Intelligent Network will suit a growing number of applications, where control, visibility, accountability and flexibility are required. Uses may include applications where no loss of service is mission-critical – Intelligent will automatically steer to the right optimal network. OEM applications are also a natural fit… one smart SIM with global capabilities… and the ability to swap IMSI profiles OTA – Over-the-Air when required for tariff and usage changes. Additionally, applications which require a single point of access/multiple bearers – Intelligent overlays new levels of security with private infrastructure, private APN with Fixed IP, whitelisting and IMEI locking, and real-time usage monitoring.

Intelligent sits alongside the multiple MNO solutions within the Wireless Logic IoT connectivity platform offering. It brings unrivalled features to give users a cradle-to-grave IoT connectivity solution where Total Control is at the core of its platform.

Choice – Seamless access to multiple mobile networks, more contract options, and access to dedicated IoT connectivity technologies. Post-paid and pre-paid tariffs

Safe and Secure – New levels of encryption and security, capacity and speed, with access to OPEX-based infrastructure with APN and VPN solutions

More capability – A singular focus on the growing demands of IoT communication – with an evolving array of enterprise-grade solutions to enhance IoT-enabled businesses.

Control – MNC and UK Number Range.  Direct access to MNO’s core – USSD, SMS, Voice and Data

Intelligent network at a glance...

Security & Monitoring

APN Authentication
Activity Intelligence
Traffic & Device restrictions
Traffic Managing & Filtering

Spend Management

Service Pooling

Network Management

IMSI Management
Network Profile Management
Live Status
Auto Network Selection

Service Automation

Online Ordering
Online Bill Management
Online Subscriber Management

Commercial Solutions

Prepaid Tariffs
Postpaid Tariffs
Variable Contract Lengths
Value-added Propositions

24x7 Support

Enhanced Support
Service Desk

Application Platforms

Connectivity Platforms – Multiple APIs,  Zapier Cloud

Full MVNO Operation – Data, SMS, Voice, USSD
Intelligent gives direct roaming control from the mobile core. With a full range of MVNO features including – authentication, routing, registration and billing. For Data, SMS, Voice and USSD.

Multiple Networks
Intelligent delivers multiple subscriber options with automatic failover, intelligent steering and global coverage.  All in a single smart SIM subscription

Intelligent accesses directly into the Mobile Network’s core to give: Real-time monitoring, subscriber expense control, rogue event/fraudulent reporting.

Unbeatable value
Intelligent presents an array of solutions that surpass what is currently on the market – competitive, scalable, accessible.

Service standards
Intelligent enjoys sector-leading technical support, available when users need it.  All helped by one of the most resilient IoT communication networks anywhere in the world.

Business Advantage
Intelligent gives users a better, smarter and quicker connectivity experience:

  • Standards-ready and future proofed (eUICC, NB-IoT, 5G, eGSM)
  • Pre-integrated Apps – security, coverage, performance, mapping, routing and cross-bearer technologies
  • Tailored Solutions – create your own IoT connectivity platform – multiple tiered rating, own branding, Partner Portal, End-user serve
  • Test SIMs – flexible trials with Active and Active Test modes

The technology behind Intelligent...

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