• Device Management
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Network Management
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Cost Control

Device Management through one easy-to-use platform

In a fragmented eco-system of devices that use a range of modules to enable cellular connectivity, a platform that can bring integrated management and control tools to ALL assets through one window can bring unprecedented operational and business perspectives.

DevicePro is the latest platform development as part of Wireless Logic’s value-add range of M2M platform services. Designed specifically for M2M assets and devices, DevicePro delivers a comprehensive  real-time solution to maximise performance of multiple and mixed deployments through a user-friendly interface.

Tell us your device challenges and with DevicePro, we'll deliver the solution

Our online questionnaire is designed to highlight the challenges you face in managing your estates of devices. Simply complete and we’ll contact you with relevant information and platform examples demonstrating how DevicePro can enhance your device management. DevicePro fact-finding questionnaire.

Meanwhile, to learn more about DevicePro, read on.

One window to a world of devices

The DevicePro platform is a unique digital toolbox that has, at the heart of its functionality, a dynamic library resource of module/device information known as ‘Knowledge Bank’ including AT commands, module specifications, firmware files and software version management.

Users can access this constantly evolving information and integrate it as part of their one-off or scheduled activities when managing their asset portfolio.

Device Management

Through DevicePro, manage multiple device modules seamlessly through scheduled and manual requests:

  • Auto and manually upload multiple devices
  • Communicate via SMS and TCP IP
  • Check, review and manage device and usage analytics
  • Drill down to access operational data on singular, group or global bases
  • Build business rules to manage performance automatically



Remote diagnostics


Avoid physical inspection costs by diagnosing performance remotely via DevicePro:

  • Remote diagnosis through IP and TCP IP
  • Access, store and implement actions from DevicePro’s knowledge repository
  • Schedular systems for timed and phased diagnostics actions
  • Retrieve actionable data to minimise an asset’s downtime
  • Develop automatic ‘self heal’ solutions

Asset Management

Record, manage and track your entire asset base through one window:

  • Manage assets, sub assets and device modules
  • Maintain and validate real-time inventory of assets
  • Prevent and detect theft/damage of assets
  • Utilise knowledge repository to assign manufacturer details and warranties



Operator Management

Manage and control multiple cellular deployments:

  • Track and trace SIM card locations
  • Hold and access MNO operational information
  • Utilise multiple SMS gateway management with least cost routing
  • Allocate IP to single or multiple assets – fixed and dynamic
  • Assign and manage APNs

Cost Management

Manage the financial performance of the device’s connectivity

  • Control volume-based billing
  • Manage billing, usage balance and data aggregation stats
  • Manage prepaid/post paid data usage
  • Utilise Operators’ USSD codes to manage costs


Knowledge Bank


A dynamic repository which holds up-to-the-minute data:

  • Device specifications for widely-used models throughout M2M/IoT sectors
  • Firmware files
  • AT Commands
  • Module specifications
  • Module documentation
  • Software version management



DevicePro has been developed with users in mind. A simple cloud-based user interface navigates an operator easily throughout the platform’s functionality. User profiles and rights can be added that allow restricted access to defined areas or groups.

See DevicePro in action

A fully operational demonstration site is now available. Additionally, text platforms can be set up on a reduced asset base. Simply click here to request an online demo.

The DevicePro platform is available to customers who already receive M2M Managed Services from Wireless Logic. It is also available on a per device basis for organisations who are connected elsewhere. To download a PDF summary of DevicePro click here.