IoT and the future of the energy industry

The use of IoT in the energy sector has many positives. It increases the use of renewable energy and positively impacts the environment and climate change. So, what’s next for the IoT enabled energy market?

Energy IoT – the future of smart energy

The energy sector is undergoing a massive transformation. Along with solar, wind, storage, and other technologies, The IoT has a central role to play in enabling change. It is revolutionising nearly every aspect of the industry from generation to transmission, storage to distribution, it’s also changing how energy companies and customers interact.

Whether you are an IoT solution provider, an energy supplier or a business supporting this transformation, this selection of resources will demonstrate how cellular IoT connectivity is a fast, reliable and secure choice for next-generation energy networks.

How cellular connectivity is powering more secure, efficient and clean energy systems

In the face of changes in the energy climate, energy providers are turning to cellular connectivity to power more resilient and reliable power grids, with highly distributed generation, a focus on clean energy and more secure handling of mission-critical data.

Whether you are an IoT solution provider, an energy supplier or a business looking to start generating and storing your own energy, this guide will demonstrate how cellular IoT is already proving its value in next-generation energy networks.

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The IoT’s role as energy companies transform

The way energy is generated, stored and distributed is changing. Reliance on fossil fuels must diminish and renewable energy sources must take their place. Green energy has to be cost-effective and resilient against risks that could disrupt supply or operations. With the right digital ecosystem in place, enabled by the IoT, energy companies can monitor and manage a transformed energy infrastructure comprising solar and wind farms, smart meters, battery storage, a smart grid and more.


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Why energy storage needs the IoT

Cellular IoT plays a pivotal role as nations transition from traditional forms of energy generation, distribution and storage to next-generation energy networks with a focus on sustainability. The IoT supports companies as they work to optimise energy efficiency and make the migration to advanced and decentralised energy systems.


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