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Demand for eScooters is increasing as governments move towards banning diesel engines on the road for a cleaner environment and reduces the burden on the transport system as people need to social distance and stay safe during COVID-19.

The growth and demand for eScooter

Why are eScooter solution providers turning to cellular connectivity?

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The growth and demand for eScooter

With governments across the world banning the sale of diesel cars in order to meet national CO2 targets under international agreements, and reduce the global footprint, the need for transport that produces zero emissions is increasing, especially in busy towns and cities where pollution levels are highest.

eScooters are ideal for commuters who only require taking a short journey but need transport, with 60% of all city journeys being less than 5 miles and 70% of those short distances being made by car. Using eScooters can reduce the number of drivers on the road in some of the worlds busiest cities, who are trying to locate an available car parking space. The recent logistics event (SIL) in Barcelona, found that 30% of city traffic was of commuters looking for somewhere to park.

Many businesses whose customers are looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly brands, such as the takeaway/food delivery market, are exploring alternative ways that still deliver their service on time but reduce business cost such as fuel, insurance, and MOT’s.With the recent global COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing, eScooters have become an alternative way for people to travel across towns and cities safely.

Why are eScooter solution providers turning to cellular connectivity?

With the increasing demand to meet the government requirements of reducing the CO2 levels in cities across the world by banning diesel engines, the number of eScooters being produced to meet public and business demand is also increasing.

With this demand comes the need for businesses to be able to control and manage their eScooter fleets, have the ability to track where a scooter is and insight into how that scooter is running, how much charge the battery has and, for commuters wanting to hire a scooter, being able to locate one close to their location with the use of an app, all need reliable and resilient cellular connectivity. Having cellular connectivity provides a stable connection, ensuring control and visibility globally, minimizing theft, and providing a means for asset protection.

By using an un-steered roaming SIM, solution providers can offer agnostic network connectivity, embedded into the eScooter. If the network goes down, or signal strength is weak, the scooter can still be managed and monitored remotely.

Ensuring a secure connection is also important to protect businesses from cyber-attacks and having their data hacked. Cellular solutions offer fixed and private IPs, multiple layers of security for both the SIM and data traffic which provides businesses with two-way communication to and from the scooter. Working with a solution provider with high security standards such as ISO27001 will mean that any data generated from the eScooter will be processed securely.

Finally, with the high numbers of eScooters now on the roads, being able to monitor and manage entire SIM estates across multiple networks with the ability to pool data and spread data usage across a group of SIMs requires a secure and seamless management platform.

Case Study:Eskuta

Eskuta design and manufacture electric bikes for the leisure and delivery takeaway markets with a mission to inspire sustainable mobility, contributing to zero emissions as well as reducing cost to their customers. Eskuta wanted a robust and resilient cellular connectivity solution that would enable businesses to monitor the data usage of their bikes and scooters without having to rely on customers to keep a PAYG SIM topped up. By using an un-steered SIM from Wireless Logic, eSkuta could monitor their data usage in real time through the SIM Management Platform, SIMPro,  reducing costs to businesses as well as supporting local governments in reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Case Study: Silence

Silence are a Spanish manufacturer of eScooters and batteries. They recognised that their customers needed a solution to manage and control their scooter fleets as the eScooter market continues to grow. To do this, Silence needed resilient and seamless cellular connectivity that would allow customers to track and trace the location of a scooter via an app, as well as monitor battery life and generate reports to show data usage, providing stats on CO2 reduction on each journey.

Wireless Logic were able to provide a multi-operator solution with overlay of a Virtual Private Network and SIM Management platform to provide two-way communication security and real time visibility of Silence’ entire SIM estate.

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