The Sunset of 2G in USA


With the decommissioning of 2G networks throughout the States, it’s important for users to consider options.

When and why?

With two principle technologies powering 2G – GSM & CDMA, both have been hit with the proliferation of 4G driven by data-hungry mobile devices and applications. Whilst CDMA has coped by sharing their spectrum with 3G and freeing up capacity for 4G deployment, GSM has been less fortunate with providers having to eventually ‘sunset’ 2G networks in favour of 3G/4G LTE.

The impact.

Whilst some carriers will continue to support the 2G spectrum up to around 2020/2021, the inevitability is that users must now start the transition process. For some, technology in use may be coming to its natural end. For others, the costs of decommissioning, upgrading and/or complete replacement of devices must be considered.

And where applications simply don’t need the capacity of the new spectrums, it’s important to consider the long-term impact of the 2G sunset. This may involve migration, SIM-swap to networks still committed for the mid-term, or device change.

Next steps.

With key decisions to be made, Wireless Logic will be on hand to review current deployments and lay out the most appropriate strategies to ensure business continuity, at the right cost. With a number of customers utilising both national and global 2G connections in US-based projects, now is the time to talk.
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Business Solutions – mobile broadband


Wireless Logic has launched ‘Business Solutions’ – a new and innovative sales proposition delivering mobile broadband applications across multiple uses and sectors.In developing the new service, Wireless Logic’s product marketing team have focused on providing brand-leading hardware options combined with the appropriate mobile tariff to meet an application’s specific requirements. Key to the success is the scoping of the right package targeted at the specific use case, and including attributes such as environment of the sited technology, fixed or mobile deployment, location, network coverage, and levels of usage. Wireless Logic offers configuration and testing of the solution, enabling out-of-the-box working.

Commenting on the launch, Julian Heaton, Product and Services Manager for Wireless Logic said: “Business Solutions is a natural progression to work that we’ve already been managing in the mobile broadband arena.

Our goal has been to formalise and strengthen relationships with our hardware partners and develop service delivery solutions to enable roll-out of complete ‘ready-to-run’ broadband platforms. Of course the solution is ideal for mobile applications, and where it is not possible to deploy a fixed line. However in many cases rapid deployment is business critical, and it’s here that our Business Solutions offerings will excel over the more traditional ADSL fixed line option.”

A team of mobile broadband specialists has been assembled to deliver on this new and important business stream for Wireless Logic. With a growing portfolio of hardware router solutions, Wireless Logic expects to see implementation across numerous vertical markets in the months ahead.

To learn more about Business Solutions, click here.

For more information, talk to the Wireless Logic team on +49 (0) 89 55 06 21 39.

European expansion, global reach


Our European presence has now increased to five country offices with more in the pipeline.Joining Wireless Logic in 2015, the latest addition to the Group is SIMService – Denmark’s leading managed services provider. Led by co-founders Kim Wiig Kvist and Steen Gregersen, SIMService’s highly acclaimed and skilled team is driving the continuing expansion of Wireless Logic’s business, offerings and capabilities in the Scandinavian market. Central to all of its solutions is the SimService in-house developed M2M online platform, which offers the most flexible tools available and brings the delivery and management of M2M services to a new level. This includes the ability to ‘consumerise’ IoT applications with individual billing to end users. For further information, visit SIMService.

Additionally, throughout 2016 Wireless Logic will be entering into further agreements with country networks and developing presences in key strategic territories. The first of these is Italy – more information, click here.  With over 30 MNOs and satellite working with Wireless Logic, we are providing genuine global reach with local and global options across multiple tariffs.