Trak Global Solutions
M2M-Lösungen für den Sicherheitsbereich

Tracking specialist capitalises on Value-Added M2M Connectivity

In the world of tracking, Trak Global Solutions has rapidly become one of the leading names in asset management, security, driver behaviour and operational cost control. Their user base lists blue chip fleet operators and they are already UK market leaders in the daily rental market.


Trak Global now supply many household name rental operators with security, asset protection and other state of the art telematics benefits, using technology that embraces the latest in Global Positioning Systems and M2M data communication.

  • Leading tracking solutions company demonstrates rapid growth
  • Wireless Logic delivers value-based M2M connectivity
  • ‘Out of the box’ thinking optimises data airtime financials

From agricultural machinery to bikes, commercial trailers to prestige cars as well as innovative insurance applications, Trak Global is using its telematic systems to give asset owners more control, more visibility and ultimately more peace of mind as they monitor operational activity from anywhere in the world. In just three years, the organisation has seen a dramatic increase in business, with a continuing upward growth curve forecast.

The Solution

Key to the success of any Trak solution is the ability to transmit data – reliably, securely and cost-effectively. Early on in Trak’s life, the realisation of the importance of mobile network connectivity fell to IT Manager Scott McIntosh. “We have developed incredible technology that is reliant upon the ability to broadcast critical data at all times. We needed to identify a multiple network partner that could deliver a one-stop valued solution which would tick all of our boxes,” comments Scott McIntosh. Trak’s search ended with M2M Managed Services Provider Wireless Logic; a number of meetings highlighted specific solution needs including remote ‘just in time’ provisioning, a single cross-network APN and the ability to assign fixed IP to every SIM. “We saw these points as basic fundamentals to connectivity, and finding a one-size-fits-all proposition from Wireless Logic gave us the confidence to appoint them as airtime partner,” continues Scott McIntosh.

From a starting point of hundreds of SIMs, today Wireless Logic counts Trak Global as one of their most progressive customers with tens of thousands of assets connected. “We are amazed by the swiftness by which Trak has approached the asset management arena and demonstrated an admirable ability to take their technology into new markets,” comments Justin Godfrey-Cass, Account Manager Wireless Logic. “We identified a number of key requirements in establishing a fully managed network connectivity service, with a remit to add value at every level. This has led to Trak utilising three Mobile Network Operators across our single provisioning platform SIMPro, and most recently, we’ve started to explore global SIMs across several international applications.”

The relationship that Trak Global Solutions and Wireless Logic has fostered is now leading to ventures that will deliver M2M solutions with even higher levels of optimised ‘value add’. The organisations are currently studying a fully-wrapped mapping solution onto SIMs with Wireless Logic’s mapping partner HERE, and Trak- through their RiskTrak brand – have just supported the launch one of the most innovative telematic products to benefit young drivers. The latter will inevitably lead to a managed SIM-base running towards six figures.

“We see airtime as fuel to our smart telematic solutions. We go to the garage and the supply is there. No questions. Wireless Logic are fulfilling this vital ingredient and delivering a five star service,” explains Scott McIntosh. “Our market penetration and diversification mean that reliable connectivity has to be a given. Cost management is critical and we continue to stress to the guys at Wireless Logic that Trak is committed to delivering best value at all times. With initiatives such as a single cost airtime agreement with bolted on mapping, this is a good example of strong partnership thinking. We look forward to progressing this and other projects as we grow Trak further.”