Automatische Ablesen von Messgeräten (AMR) oder Automated Meter Reading

Industrial metering connected

“The service is first class and the delivery is great for our business needs”

Dave Morgan – Insys

Before Wireless Logic

  • Slow Data transfer
  • Decrease in work productivity
  • Expensive service / site visits
  • Inaccessible control systems

The Solution

INSYS MICROELECTRONICS are specialists in industrial data communication and have been effectively utilising Wireless Logic to accommodate high speed GPRS communications.

This has enabled INSYS clients to benefit from fast wireless data transfer in remote and industrial environments where data cables are either impossible or uneconomical to install.

With wireless technology in place applications, such as automated guided vehicles and the monitoring of remote measuring systems, have been made possible and proven to be a fundamental tool in operations.

The results

  • High Speed Data Transfer
  • Increase in work productivity
  • Decreased recruitment costs
  • Remote site access enabled
  • Data is efficiently logged and transferred