M2M-Lösungen über mehrere Netze für den Einzelhandel

SIM-Based Remote Printing Technology benefits Takeaways to Healthcare

Marrying GPRS and GSM connectivity to a remote printer and web-based API, the technology of remote printing in remote locations has grown dramatically over a short period of time. In the UK alone, restaurants and takeaways which are not connected to the web are now in short supply.



Cardiff located iBacsTel has rapidly become one of the world’s leading protagonists in remote printing machines (RPM). Developing patented technology, iBacsTel’s devices are the final link in ordering via a web application, with GSM or GPRS network capability transferring data conveniently and effectively. The remote printers operate data pull technology with large amounts of data transmitted with data compression. iBacsTel have further developed two-way communication enabling the device to send order acknowledgements and delivery times simultaneously upon receipt of the data. Whilst fixed IP or VPN are not required, the remote printers can work with either so that data push to the printer can be facilitated via the server.

Located close to the cash till, the tale-tale portable printer is becoming as synonymous with takeaways as mint imperials are to people dining out. Yet the infrastructure behind web takeaway ordering has been driven by the flexibility and low-cost of mobile communications – utilising SIM controlled devices without the need for fixed line connectivity.

  • Patented printers now working in a takeaway near you, and a field-based hospital in Botswana
  • Connectivity solutions enable low-cost and no-cost market entry
  • Unique partnership places iBacsTel and Wireless Logic as a unique one-stop remote printing solution


The Solution

Remote printing technology is now starting to be seen in a diverse range of markets. “As an intelligent device that is low-cost, secure and where necessary, battery powered, the scope of applications is endless,” comments iBacsTel’s spokesperson. “We are delighted to be supporting the work of Botswana Harvard Aids Institute. There we have a growing number of field-based remote printers that communicate blood results data to California, with reports fed directly back to the device within Botswana. Once more, we are relying on GSM and GPRS – a low cost connectivity solution that is making life-critical healthcare available to the remotest of locations.”

Global reach across the world’s mobile networks means that iBacsTel can deliver solutions anywhere. “We are looking at coupon redemption solutions in Dubai and mobile banking solutions in Kenya,” comments Wireless Logic’s Justin Godfrey-Cass. “Our M2M platform supports a growing number of MNOs including the likes of Vodafone’s Global SIM and the Telenor network. We can create a bespoke connectivity package to suit the device’s data usage, place of operation and roaming potential. Wireless Logic has developed a well-tuned network auditing programme that can identify a singular SIM-based solution which delivers best value, best reliability, and of course the best security.”

In the heart of every iBacsTel printing device is the data SIM. Reliable, resilient and value-driven, SIM-based connectivity is critical to the remote printing operation. As a complete end-to end solution, iBacsTel has developed a unique partnership with Buckinghamshire-based Wireless Logic. Recognised as the UK’s leading independent aggregator of M2M connectivity, the relationship forged with iBacsTel has created a compelling proposition that has opened the remote printing market to single and multiple food operators alike. With tailored tariffs from O2 and Vodafone, Wireless Logic’s aggregation model enables iBacsTel to deliver connected units at highly-competitive rates. In many cases, there is no capital cost to the user. Connectivity is further optimised with each remote location being audited for network strength – only then will the appropriate SIM will be installed and provisioned – and all controlled by iBacsTel utilising Wireless Logic’s SIMPro provisioning tool.

With connectivity in the complete control of iBacsTel, iBacsTel’s spokesperson explains that the organisation is truly ‘one-stop’: “We have worked tirelessly to develop the most straight-forward remote printing proposition where hardware, software, API and connectivity are single-sourced. In developing this, we are now working with many major take-away food portals with what we believe is an unrivalled solution. Wireless Logic are key to this with singular billing, client provisioning, and the ability to tailor networks to every part of the UK.”

Justin Godfrey-Cass, Account Manager at Wireless Logic says: “We have taken time to understand iBacsTel’s business model to establish a connectivity platform that is right for them and their growing client base. The potential in online food ordering is amazing – it’s good to be alongside such an innovator in this space.”