Flotten- und Frachtmanagement im Bereich M2M und IoT

M2M Connectivity ensures Commercial Operations are fully fueled

Fueltek, in just eleven years, has become one of the country’s leading specialist providers working with the likes of logistics and freight forwarding specialist Norbert Dentressangle, food retailer Asda, and high street fashion brand River Island. With such a pedigree of business partners, Fueltek has evolved complete turnkey solutions including fuel storage tank, fuel pumps, fuel management systems, fuel tank contents gauging and other related vehicle support systems such as air and water provision.



Fuel and its usage represent a considerable overhead to any commercial transport organisation. The correct management of this valuable asset is critical to profitability; even a small percentage saving can make a significant difference. For transport providers to work seamlessly, non-stop and optimum performance are key. Consequently in-house fuel storage, monitoring and management systems have become a must-have.

  • UK leader in commercial fuel utilises power of M2M technology
  • FUELTEK’s partnership with Wireless Logic delivers seamless solutions
  • Customer service is five star



Behind Fueltek’s growing business is the use of smart technology. To each of the hundreds of systems used across both the UK and overseas, Microsoft cloud-based software delivers reporting and control data to both Fueltek and their client base in real-time. Capturing usage, stock control, remote management, and user-based DATA-tag security programming are amongst an increasing number of tools that operators can now employ as part of their highly sophisticated fuel management systems. And in doing this, Fueltek have designed platforms where ease of use and clarity of information are high on the ‘features list’.


The Solution

Communicating data and interrogating installations form a vital part to the Fueltek system. Traditionally a hardwired network has been utilised to connect operations onto the Fueltek platform and in a number of installations this continues to be the connectivity of choice.

But since the organisation’s inception, SIM-based modems have been used increasingly, saving costs on hardwire installation, avoiding the danger of cable damage and resulting downtime, and exploiting the high reliability/cost-effectiveness now associated with mobile data networks. Today, Fueltek’s portfolio has hundreds of facilities connected via GPRS SIMs, all of which have FIXED IP to enable secure two-way communication. The organisation and infrastructure supporting the communication is Wireless Logic, now Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services Provider.

Working with Wireless Logic from the outset, Fueltek has enjoyed a seamless multiple mobile network offering, all co-ordinated from Wireless Logic’s HQ in Hurley, Berkshire. Both organisations’ journeys have witnessed M2M connectivity expand dramatically over the last 10 years; without doubt, both have been pioneers in employing mobile connectivity into the commercial fuel management sector. Martin Devine, Fueltek’s founder and Managing Director explains: “From the very beginning, our experience in working alongside mobile network platforms called for external support. In Wireless Logic we found an organisation that fully understood the nuances of network choice, delivered technological capabilities, and had a unique ability to give us solutions where mobile network operators simply could not. Our SIM base at the outset was small in number – to Wireless Logic that did not matter. Their stewardship in setting out a range of cost-effective and resilient solutions helped Fueltek to where it is today.”

And it is today that the Wireless Logic/Fueltek partnership delivers fuel management solutions on a global scale. With installations as far afield as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya and Iceland, connectivity has increased from a single mobile operator to multiple networks including global SIMs from Telenor. Managing such a diverse SIM base is under the control of Wireless Logic’s SIM provisioning management tool, ‘SIMPro’. Cloud-based, SIMPro enables Fueltek to monitor the entire portfolio through one window, enabling ‘just in time’ provisioning as installations come online, data usage and control, and individual and group billing management. “The platform gives Fueltek complete control,” continues Martin Devine. “We have total visibility through one portal enabling us to keep a tight rein on performance and cost.”

fleet management

Meanwhile, another vital component is Wireless Logic’s private network, ‘NetPro’. As a private overlay across all of the mobile networks, NetPro gives Fueltek complete security of information transfer delivering resilient, two-way communication to their installations. One of NetPro’s major USPs is the complete avoidance of clients needing to invest in complex IT architecture, connectivity or in-house specialist engineers. Philip Cole, founder and European Sales and Marketing Director comments: “NetPro for organisations like Fueltek delivers large scale private networking for minimal cost. As one of our longest standing partners, Fueltek rightly demands value at every stage of our service offering. They’ve grown, we’ve grown and in doing so, our range of M2M Managed Services has evolved to give Fueltek a comprehensive and highly competitive multi-network offering.”

So what is the secret to years of successful working? Martin Devine cites great customer management from Wireless Logic: “We operate in a market place where constant dialogue, issues management and resolution are all important to delivering a reliable, quality solution. As our clients look to Fueltek for these traits, we have looked and received similar from the Wireless Logic team. Market knowledge, clarity of thought and prompt responses to queries have all reinforced our reasons for choosing Wireless Logic as our connectivity provider.”