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Case Study

Canine tracking specialist sniffs out Wireless Logic for European solution

Dog tracking and anti-theft specialists Retrieva UK have found an answer to their growing list of European enquiries by working with a European roaming SIM from Telenor, provided by Wireless Logic


Created by founders Andy Stuart and Jon Bryan, they have developed what is now regarded as the world’s most advanced tracking collar for dogs. Borne from being frustrated owners of dogs who would continually runaway from their masters, the ex-City bankers realised that integrating GPS, GPRS and RF technology could deliver a canine tracking solution directly to an owner’s mobile phone. Coupled with this, construct an automated tamper and anti-theft collar design with alert, and Retrieva is the result.

Andy and Jon worked closely with Viewranger, specialists in Ordnance Survey-based topographical mapping, and system integration specialists Triteq who brought all of the technologies together, the Retrieva collar boasts a number of technical firsts which today are being considered for other non-canine applications. A particularly clever innovation is ‘I.C.You’, which will geo-fence the collar by powering it up once the device has crossed the geo-boundary. This solution negates the need for ‘always on’ GPS positioning, normally a battery draining problem for any remote device.

The Challenge

To date, Retrieva collars have connected across GPRS via a single UK network. Yet with the power of the internet and the exceptional press coverage that it has received, enquiries have arrived from around the world. To identify an appropriate SIM with global roaming coverage was Retrieva’s next challenge.

The Solution

Meeting with Wireless Logic Jon Bryan was introduced to the Telenor global SIM, with coverage in no less than 196 countries. Matt McPherson explains further: “Retrieva’s GPRS connectivity flagged up several challenges for them; multiple networks were not viable given the logistical support that would be required, and with initially low take-up of SIMs, only a network with flexibility to cater for specific country networks in low quantities would do. Telenor offered this and more.”

Today, Retrieva are able to fulfil orders on a global basis. There have only been a handful of occasions where coverage has meant orders have needed to be turned away. The Wireless Logic Telenor SIM delivers a ‘one SIM fits all’ solution with one monthly invoice incorporating granular billing over each country-based SIM. SIMs are shipped to Retrieva on a ‘just in time’ basis where the final assembly takes place. Waterproofed, in a range of sizes, and provisioned ready for use upon arrival, the connectivity process with the Wireless Logic team is seamless.

Wireless Logic have answered a problem and opened up a world of opportunities with the Telenor roaming SIM solution. With 7 million dogs in the UK, and 45 million across Western Europe, we are confident in providing the finest tracking solution. This week devices are being sent to Ireland, Italy, Slovakia and Greece. Next week, who knows?!

Andy Stuart,

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