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Case Study

Improving security and safety of people with IoT connectivity

With the use of our SIM solution, Private APN and SIM manage platform, SIMPro, Wireless Logic helped WITRAC increase the visibility and safety of people in their entire value chain.


WITRAC helps companies be more efficient and competitive thanks to innovative technological solutions that connect and give visibility to the value chain of its clients.

Able to identify, locate, measure and control wirelessly and in real-time, any asset, anywhere, WITRAC fabricates its own hardware and software, based on the IoT and AI technology, in order to satisfy the industry’s track and trace needs. Its digitalisation and automatisation solutions combine multiple connectivity devices and protocols with a management platform, to generate data and transform it into useful information and valuable insights.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent that a personalised tracking solution adapted to the needs of Health and Safety was required. Some of the challenges that we faced were: there was very little access control in the market, the inability to locate people inside and outside facilities, lack of visibility of contacts, working times and how many people were in and around different areas of the building.

We needed a device with flawless connectivity, control and the highest standards of safety and quality. This solution not only serves the current need, but will also provide a valuable contribution in the long term.


We offered WITRAC a multi-operator unsteered SIM solution, to guarantee reliable connectivity regardless of the operator to which it connects. In addition, for the security of IoT communications, we use Private and Fixed IP, and its own infrastructure through a Private APN.

Our SIM management platform SIMPro offers a complete selection of networks and, with support from IoT experts, can help with recommending IoT solutions to prevent and solve any type of incident.


WITRAC’s intelligent real-time personnel location solution, Witracker-People, increases the visibility, safety and productivity of people.

Through the use of small and portable devices, people automatically report their location and duration in specific areas. Businesses can analyse, detect and act in real time through the WITRACCORE Artificial Intelligence platform, which converts the data into valuable information. This is the biggest differentiation against other solutions on the market – as it quickly focuses on individual location and sends back that data for the short term which would usually be lost and not add value.

Our connectivity gives their device the ability to optimize the workspace, have access and occupancy control, improve operational efficiency, and increase production.

With the threat of a pandemic like COVID-19, Witracker-People is a solution that guarantees the safety of workers and facilitates tracking and containment in the event of a virus. Wireless Logic helps to make it possible and keep people safe during a crisis like COVID-19.

WITRAC, alongside its partners, has the purpose of leading technological change and becoming a reference in the field of asset and people tracking in Industry 4.0. Wireless Logic provides a solution that adapts to our own comprehensive platform ensuring "always on, always secure" connectivity. Wireless Logic’ flexibility provides us with an efficient connectivity solution, backed up by a great team.

Javier Ferrer,
CEO & CO-Founder, WITRAC
Wireless Logic

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