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Case study

Silence: electric scooters with IoT technology

Using a fixed-IP SIM across our private network overlay, and in addition to SIMPro, we provide Silence with full visibility and real time management of their fleet of scooters.

About Silence

Silence is a Spanish company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of electric scooters working in collaboration with national suppliers in Spain.

The company’s headquarters are at their Research and Design technology centre and, since April 2018, they also have a factory in Barcelona. Each year, Silence produce 10,000 scooters and 12,000 battery packs. They are the first and only factory in Europe to develop and manufacture both the vehicles and the batteries they use.


Customers needed control and management of their scooter fleets. Silence recognised that to do this, they would need seamless connectivity.

With the Silence app, customers can track and trace the location of their scooter, the state of charge of the scooter’s battery, obtain historical data on use and statistics on the CO2 saved on each journey. Customers also receive alerts if the scooter moves without authorisation or it falls over. In addition to this, the new functionality ‘Friend-Sharing’, means customers can share a scooter with others without the use of a key, but by sharing a code, and so it is essential to guarantee a stable connection with the highest security standards.

Silence believe in building strong relationships through face to face meetings so wanted to work closely with a supplier who would understand Silence’ business needs.

‘‘We were looking for a solution in line with our continued growth. We prioritise the scalability and flexibility of our suppliers


Wireless Logic proposed a powerful and reliable multi-operator solution, with the highest standards in relation to value and price.

Fixed and private IPs guarantee a secure connection. Wireless Logic’ Virtual Private Network offers multiple layers of security for both the SIM and the data traffic meaning Silence can avoid cyber-attacks, hackers and possible over-consumption.

Furthermore, using the Wireless Logic SIM Management platform SIMPro, Silence can manage their entire SIM estate, providing full visibility and control of their data usage and avoid bill shock. As SIMPro reports are accurate and available in real-time, Silence were able to pinpoint quickly which of their mobile scooters needed maintenance and send out an engineer accordingly, track unusual activity or, if the scooter had been moved, locate it very quickly.


Thanks to Wireless Logic, Silence guarantees its customers faultless connectivity, wherever they are.

The scalability of the Wireless Logic solution allows Silence to continue to grow with no down time of connectivity. It is also a close and agile partner that solves the specific needs of this sector in constant evolution.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

Silence, alongside with their partners, have the ambition to lead technological change and become a reference in the field of eco-responsible urban mobility. Wireless Logic provide us with the best connectivity solution, supported by an account team who are as passionate about our business as we are.

Ico Sotelo,
IT Department, Silence Urban Ecomobility
Wireless Logic

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