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Case Study

Air and noise monitoring solution employs IoT 4G connectivity for real-time results


Every year, more than 400 000 people in the EU die prematurely due to the consequences of air pollution. Another 6.5 million people fall sick as air pollution causes diseases such as strokes, asthma and bronchitis. Also harming the natural environment, impacting both vegetation and wildlife, it is organisations like UK-based EMSOL (Emission Solution Limited) who are supporting the drive to manage emissions and pollutants within built environments.

EMSOL is a data-focused air and noise pollution monitoring solution that enables businesses to drive interventions based on live data to reduce road transport pollution. By deploying monitoring equipment, cameras and in-vehicle tags, the organisation is able to detect any air quality issues, monitor noise db(A) and sound spectrum to understand the causes of pollution activity in the vicinity. Incidents are then correlated to vehicle movements so that real-time data can identify offending vehicles and peak pollution moments to enable fleet operators and building site management to develop prevention strategies and achieve environmental goals.

The Solution

Enabling real-time data is key to the correlation of emissions and noise activity with vehicular movements. Utilising temporary installations, each roadside sensor, pollution detection monitor and camera requires high-bandwidth connectivity that is resilient, reliable and secure. It is to this that EMSOL has turned to IoT cellular connectivity provider Wireless Logic to provide a suite of SIM-based solutions to deliver the business-critical data in real-time. Following a series of field trials, a ‘non-steered’ roaming IoT SIM is now in use across a number of sites including developments within the London Borough of Croydon.

Justin Godfrey-Cass, Transport Solutions Business Development Manager for Wireless Logic explains more: “With connected monitoring assets deployed across a wide array of locations, providing a fixed line solution is not practical, combined with lengthy contracts and multiple connection points. This is where specialised cellular solutions come to the fore.

“For EMSOL, a single SIM solution connectable across multiple networks was identified as necessary, giving each device the ability to connect to the strongest UK network, without the restrictions of a steering component where connectivity is ‘steered’ to a preferred primary network. This gives EMSOL reassurance that ‘best signal’ is achieved in each connected asset.”

At Croydon, a significant number of connected devices are now typically consuming up to 5GB of data per month, with a focus on the major developments in and around Queen’s Square. Management of the SIMs’ performance is via Wireless Logic’s SIMPro control platform. The platform gives full visibility of each SIM’s activity with provisioning, data management and activity thresholds to ensure the SIM base works effectively, efficiently and to budget. Data security is critical to the system with each SIM having a fixed IP across Wireless Logic’s virtual private overlay, NetPro. Data is not transmitted across the public network and is delivered two-way into EMSOL’s own back-end systems, all supported by dual data centre failover for full-redundancy.

For further information on EMSOL, visit www.emsol.io

Wireless Logic

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