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Case study

London’s black cabs turn to cellular connectivity for innovative mobile digital media experience

Brightmove launches ground-breaking digital platform for advertising and public messaging


Brightmove Media is the UK market leader in real-time digital moving media. Formed in 2013, the organisation has broken new ground by becoming the first Transport for London (TFL) regulated service to deliver rooftop media screens onto London cabs. As a technology media platform, Brightmove has integrated in-built intelligence triggers enabling the dispersal of messages that are geo-targeted, time sensitive, dynamic and highly flexible. This is particularly important for Brightmove’s two main audiences – advertisers who can now utilise a vibrant and far-reaching medium with reduced wastage and improved ROI, and Transport for London, who have exclusive rights to the enabled taxis for public messaging.

The technology behind Brightmove Media is also ahead of the industry curve. Each system uses a private and secure link via 3G cellular networks to stay in constant contact with the centralised media platform that can push out new or updated content in real-time. The system also maintains location awareness via GPS, allowing advertisers to tailor their campaigns and messaging to specific geographic locations.

The design and development has been fully executed in house by BrightMove’s team, giving the organisation opportunity to blend expertise with experience and produce a reliable product that is both innovative yet simple to install, operate and manage. By working closely with the regulator, Brightmove helped develop a high benchmark of technical, operational and safety requirements, helping to set the industry standard going forward.

M2M connectivity services for real time moving digital media

The Solution

The provision of secure and reliable connectivity is being provided by Wireless Logic Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services Provider. Working alongside the Brightmove technology team, Wireless Logic have developed a secure VPN enabling two-way communication between the mobile unit and the central platform. And whilst networks can be a high-cost investment for organisations requiring such security and resilience, Brightmove have adopted Wireless Logic’s ‘NetPro’ infrastructure which can effectively overlay 26 European networks. The benefits include no CAPEX requirement and a platform that guarantees near 100% uptime.

For the cellular connectivity, Brightmove were able to explore a number of networks to ensure best coverage and most suitable tariff. Being network agnostic, acquiring a fully managed network service via Wireless Logic ensured that only optimum packages were identified. In this case, the mobile units are being connected via Vodafone and Everything Everywhere.

With each mobile media unit assigned a Fixed Private IP, secure communications can enable two-way dialogue reporting on location, performance and accountability, whilst ensuring new packages of media are delivered to the unit on time, every time. The data allowance per month has been set at 200mb per subscription which can be aggregated across the whole fleet. Real-time visibility of each unit’s data usage is provided by Wireless Logic’s SIMPro platform. Widely acknowledged as the de facto SIM management tool, Brightmove can see and control their entire SIM estate through SIMPro’s one window, regardless of network.

We have developed the most relevant mobilised digital message delivery, analytics and reporting platform – involving a complex mix of hardware and software development. With a service that is 100% reliant on real-time dashboard activity, on demand reporting and per asset auditing, the communication between each mobile unit and our centralised platform is mission critical. Wireless Logic’s NetPro infrastructure has delivered a ready-made solution that dovetails seamlessly into our own network ensuring ‘always on, always secure’ connectivity.

Christian McGuinness,
CTO for Brightmove
Wireless Logic

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