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Mobile-data-packagesMobile Data packages

Wireless Logic can provide tailored single or multi-operator tariffs to give customers optimum coverage and data usage. With potential to use high volumes of data, it is vital to determine the right MNO, all supported by Wireless Logic’s secure VPN overlay.

Our range of business solutions are each tailored to the application in hand. So whatever your sector, we will have a broadband solution to ensure the most resilient connectivity that is cost-effective, fit for purpose and future-proofed.

We partner with every major mobile network operator (MNO) in the UK and have strategic relationships with over 30 MNO partnerships and reach to over 250 global networks, satellite and SIGFOX low power radio communications. So whether your router has one or multiple SIMs, there will be a network to suit the location, the speed requirement, and the budget.

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Tailored hardware solutions Tailored-Hardware

From the most industrial environments requiring a ruggedised solution, to more enterprise and office-based settings, Wireless Logic match the hardware to the application. With access to all leading brands some of which are stocked for immediate deployment, our Connected Hardware Solutions team can create the best tailored broadband platform to suit your application.


Ready-to-workReady to work

Hardware can be pre-configured inline with each customer’s requirements to ensure your connected deployment arrives ‘out-of-the-box’ and ready to work. Our technicians will test all routers to ensure compatibility and fit-for-purpose. Plus, our technical help desk is on-hand to advise re final installation.

Device ManagementDevice Management

As part of Wireless Logic’s value-added services, Device Management platforms can be integrated into the Connected Hardware Solutions offering to give users full remote access, diagnostics and alerting tools. By controlling your assets off-site, deployments can operate more efficiently with optimum up-time performance. Ask for more details. Complete our online enquiry form or talk to the Connect Hardware Solutions team on 0330 056 3300.


Wireless Logic offer an industry-leading support capability. Our service is built around the principle of one point of contact for everything. No longer will customers have to navigate the support services of different suppliers, unsure as to whether the problem is in the hardware or the connection. A single contact point within Wireless Logic ensures any technical issues are efficiently resolved. Our support desk are trained across multiple devices and applications geared up to deliver effective guidance and resolution.


VPNVPN Security

Broadband solutions can be laid over NetPro – Wireless Logic’s secure and resilient private network, with inter-connects into all major MNO’s. NetPro can be employed on an OPEX-based model, negating the need for up-front capital costs. To learn more about NetPro, click here.

SIM ManagementSIM Management

At the core of Wireless Logic’s broader mobile connectivity solutions, SIMPro is the de facto management platform to provision, manage and control SIM estates. All networks are managed through a single window, giving greater visibility and accountability for your deployed assets.  And when deployed with NetPro, users can view SIM data usage in real-time. For more information on SIMPro, click here.



Within the SIMPro platform, users can drill down into individual SIM performance and view bills accordingly. Within larger SIM-based deployments, the ability to see and manage specific SIMs and groups of SIMs can be key to maximising ROI. To learn more about billing options, talk to the Connected Hardware Solutions team now on 0330 056 3300.

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Cost EfficientCost-efficient

Rolling out ‘out of the box’ connected hardware solutions is a cost-effective alternative to fixed-line platforms. Wireless Logic have focused on creating a ‘one-stop’ service enabling users to acquire a complete end-to-end solution, with comprehensive service back-up at every stage of the planning, install and operational phases. With one point of contact to manage the entire application, we firmly believe that hardware solutions with integrated connectivity from Wireless Logic will enable users to deploy quicker, more efficiently, and with total confidence.


Rapid Deployment

For organisations requiring connectivity in days, not weeks, connecting via cellular is a cost-effective solution. Following an understanding of the requirement, hardware can be spec’d, configured and deployed in days. Many routers are held in stock enabling rapid response and set-up. For more information on specifications and time perimeters, complete our online enquiry form or talk to the Connected Hardware Solutions team today on 0330 056 3300.

Typical deployment infographic – Construction installation
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To learn more about our range of hardware-based solutions, talk to us today. And for organisations that have already spec’d and acquired hardware requirements, talk to the Wireless Logic team about connectivity-only mobile data tariffs. Call today on 0330 056 3300.