Always-on POS connectivity

4G solutions for interim, permanent and failover solutions for retail payments

PoS or ePoS technology is critical in today’s challenging retail markets. Credit and debit card transactions have become the de facto choice of payment. The focus for retailers is on immediate two-way connectivity to ensure customers can pay at all times, without delay. So whether as a back-up/failover to fixed line connectivity for business continuity, or for payment terminals which cannot be hardwired due to remote location or OOBM, a 4G cellular option is vital.

With 4G comes a world of flexibility – rapid deployment, high-availability, and the ‘connect anywhere’ advantage with or without ADSL capabilities.

Wireless Logic’s PoS connectivity options give users the broadest choice of secure IoT tariffs combined with fit-for-purpose routers via ethernet ports to ensure resilient data transfer. Whether working directly with PoS payment terminal manufacturers, or with systems integrators/solution providers, we can jointly develop connectivity only, or connectivity and hardware packages to put your assets online.

Our router solutions enable remote capabilities for checking live connection and rebooting of associated hardware. Pop-up shops and kiosks can now take full advantage of compact, under the counter router solutions, all enhanced by the router’s own management platform which can cap data usage to ensure costs do not spiral through misuse or machine error. With multiple ports, single, dual SIM or multi-SIM variants and three-year warranty on a number of models, advanced PoS technology can now consolidate connectivity PoS with other in-store functionality through the benefit of multiple ethernet ports and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Take advantage of the benefits of 4G connectivity

  • Business continuity – 4G failover to enable ‘always on’ connectivity for retail transactions
  • Grow your retail operations with confidence through immediate connection and rapid deployment – no need to wait for a fixed ADSL line alternative, and options to use failover if being deployed as an interim to fixed line
  • Flexibility to locate PoS terminals where you want them – no wires or ethernet sockets required – suitable for concessions, pop-up stores, exhibition and events, and hospitality venues
  • Simplicity in use – avoid the need, bother and complexities integrating into WLAN or WAN systems
  • Manage maintenance remotely – avoid the need for costly engineer visits
  • Cost-effective – complete end-to-end comms and hardware packages can be assembled and deployed efficiently, in days, and with proven and reliable technology. Fully tested and configured enabling plug and play.

Call Oliver Wallington for more information
Business Development Manager – Retail Solutions
directly on 0330 056 3204

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Call Oliver Wallington for more information
Business Development Manager – Retail Solutions
directly on 0330 056 3204

Email Us

Choose the right 4G IoT mobile tariff

  • Contract lengths to suit strategic deployments – long or short term
  • Low or high bandwidth tariffs to match usage requirements
  • Single or multi network options, all through one SIM – optimising signal strength, simplifying the installation process and taking advantage of non-steered roaming capability with connectivity guaranteed to work, wherever the sign is located
  • Tariffs designed for primary or back-up use

Security assured

  • Fixed IP to SIMs for secure two-way communication
  • Ready-made VPN infrastructure options without punitive up-front capital costs
  • Security options to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) payment system protocol

Effectively manage costs

  • Aggregated tariffs with ‘data pots’ – for multiple deployment cost transparency and management
  • Data alerts via our SIM management and router platforms – ensure you’re on top of your usage at all times

The right router hardware

  • Options for in-store or external environments – with wide operating temperature range, choice of antennas and accessories – Routers designed around your own hardware
  • In-built GPS – Accurately map and locate deployments – useful for multiple locations such as exhibition and festival venues
  • Remote management and reboot capabilities with Relay Output, Keep Alives via ping – save on engineer call outs
  • Pre-configuration for all routers. Receive routers ready to work for rapid deployment
  • Full range of antenna’s and cables for optimal performance
  • Three-year warranty on specific router brands for long-term deployment assurance
  • Support from specialist mobile hardware technicians

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Call Oliver Wallington, Business Development Manager – Retail Solutions directly on 0330 056 3204

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Jon-Paul Clarke,
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