Secure Cellular Connectivity for Clinical Trials

Clinical trial organisations transform the way they gather patient information through IoT

Connected solutions for remote clinical trials

Clinical trial organisations are transforming the way that they can collect patient data remotely without the need for in-clinic assessments through eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment). Using cellular connectivity combined with an ePRO (Electronic Patients Reported Outcome) data capture device, patients can input how they feel during clinical trials. Organisations conducting trials can be confident that the data is high-quality and regulatory compliant, removing issues typically associated with paper-based diaries.

By using cellular connectivity, devices can be used from any location securely and all independent from their own wi-fi or internet connection, which removes concerns around network compatibility and security.

The demand for connected Clinical Trials technology

Why are eHealth solution providers turning to cellular connectivity?

Blog – Transforming Clinical Trials

The demand for more efficient clinical trial data capture

Clinical trial organisations aren’t new to using mobile technology to gather patient data, which has helped to reduce the number of in-person clinic visits and provide better data accuracy by removing human error. This does not however mean that remote patients are always able to provide their personal medical data as they may not always have a reliable and secure wi-fi connection, may not have a suitable device, or the requisite technical ability.  This can then lead to data loss, risk data safety and security and at worse, damage the reputation of the clinical trials organisation leading to revenue loss.

Cellular connected devices provide the patient with a better user experience as they can be pre-provisioned and sent directly to the patient, providing organisations with more efficient and consistent data collection.


Why are eHealth solution providers turning to cellular connectivity?

By using cellular connectivity, ePRO and eCOA devices can simply be turned on once delivered and connect to the strongest available cellular network via a secure un-steered roaming SIM with no set up required by the patient. Not only will this reduce human error, but will also provide a much better patient experience as they can use the device in their own home to record their results rather than having to visit a clinic.

As with any data, securing patient data is critical. By using a secure connectivity solution with resilient virtual private network overlays, solution providers can lock down and secure all data, and with IMEI locking, SIMs cannot be swapped out of a device, mitigating any fraudulent use and unwanted data usage which can become costly.

Working with a solution provider who adheres to the ISO27001 accreditation provides that added peace of mind that all processes and data transfer will be completely secure.

By using cellular connectivity, clinical trial organisations will be able to collect patient data more efficiently, help to bring new research trials to market faster and let patients complete the trials in the comfort of their own home, resulting in improved outcomes for the trial sponsors.

Blog – Transforming clinical trials and patient experience with 4G cellular connectivity

Our Business Development Manager, Mark Appleby, explains how cellular connectivity is helping clinical trial organisations to transform the way they gather remote patient data and why it offers a secure and flexible solution that can be deployed in any location quickly and at scale.

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