Resilient cellular connectivity for rapid deployment of CCTV applications

4G connects CCTV applications for resilient and secure data management

Rapid deployment and Always-On connectivity for CCTV

Demand from businesses for remote access to real time CCTV video and imagery from any location is increasing. We provide rapid deployment of resilient and secure CCTV applications where fixed line isn’t readily available or a back-up solution is required.

Why CCTV solution providers are turning to cellular connectivity

CCTV enhances new and emerging applications

Article Connect your CCTV application with Wireless Logic

Why CCTV solution providers are turning to cellular connectivity

CCTV has been used by businesses primarily for security measures on buildings and assets and is one of the most heavily relied upon components of on-site security, especially where it is not possible to have 24/7-man cover.

Historically footage from CCTV has been kept and viewed on-premise and used fixed line connectivity to transfer the data from the device back to the main security centre. As more businesses now demand real-time feeds, accessible from multiple locations anywhere, as well as receiving alerts and notifications for mobile devices, resilient, secure, and low-cost connectivity is required. Not all locations will have strong network coverage or a fixed line readily available, so businesses are looking for an alternative solution.

4G connectivity is an ‘always on’ approach that can be deployed in a matter of days, providing real time monitoring and alerts, streaming high volumes of data and imagery or used as a back up to existing connectivity – all of which can be controlled across a single, secure SIM Management platform.

CCTV enhances new and emerging applications

CCTV applications have come a long way over the last few years and play a key role in building and asset security. With an increased demand from businesses to rapidly deploy resilient and secure CCTV applications to multiple locations, some without a fixed line infrastructure already in place, there is now a requirement for cellular IoT connectivity. IoT technology also continues to develop new and emerging applications such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for crime detection and traffic enforcement, and building occupancy management systems to help businesses to keep their customers safe from COVID-19 using CCTV software as an overlay. Sam Eaton, Business Development Manager at Wireless Logic explains further why cellular IoT connectivity is becoming the preferred option for CCTV connectivity.

Article: Why Cellular IoT Connectivity is Increasingly Key for CCTV

CCTV has become one of the most heavily relied upon components of an on-site security setup in recent times. As technology continues to develop, CCTV is now also being used with software that overlays video feeds, facilitating applications such as occupancy monitoring, motion detection and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – expanding the use of CCTV even further.

The technology has become so widespread that it’s believed that there are 627,727 CCTV cameras currently deployed in London alone and by 2021, IHS Markit anticipates that there will be one billion active across the world. Historically, CCTV-generated video was kept and viewed on-premise, but now users demand real-time feeds, accessible from any location. This in turn requires resilient, secure and low-cost internet connectivity.

Connect your CCTV application with Wireless Logic

Our IoT connectivity experts can get you connected within days with a tailored solution that meets the need of your CCTV use case.

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