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Article 7th December 2018

The Ins and Outs for IoT applications from a major mobile network outage

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Article 18th April 2018

200mph Service Desk at Wireless Logic

The speed of Wireless Logic’s Customer Service Desk has just gone stratospheric thanks to an exciting sponsorship package for Service Desk Analyst Jordan Gilbert.

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Article 23rd January 2018

Wireless Logic featured in Comms Business

Wireless Logic’s IoT Channel Partner Programme is talked about in the current edition of UK-based Comms Business.

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Article 12th September 2017

Dan Caton – The changing world of connected ‘things’…

For many years the ‘Connected Thing’ – whether industrial, commercial or consumer has had the connection (typically a mobile or ‘cellular connection with SIM card) added by the installer or by the end user themselves. From the gate entry system, to the parking meter to the vending machine, they have all had the SIM connection added later – far away from the manufacturer of the to be ‘Connected Thing’.

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Article 26th July 2017

Smart thermostats for social housing

Wireless Logic are working closely with technology start-up Switchee, providing secure connectivity to their suite of heating management smart thermostats, focused on the UK’s social housing sector.

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Article 14th May 2017

Secure IoT highlighted after attacks

It maybe the dying embers of 2016, but in the IoT world the issue of security is burning brightly as the industry gears up for an era of intense collaboration to address the challenges ahead.

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Article 11th May 2017

End-to-end solutions within ANPR market

For Local Authorities, Police Authorities and organisations involved in the use of camera technology such as CCTV and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), the transference of critical data securely and efficiently is a key aspect in creating resilient systems.

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Article 22nd March 2017

Mapping Technology Success

Wireless Logic Group’s Business Development Director Jon-Paul Clarke explains the merging trends of mapping and connectivity within the M2MIoT eco-system.

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Article 17th February 2017

Wireless Logic in the news…

Chief Executive Oliver Tucker talks to IoT Now magazine about the connected market place. “A market that continues to evolve and throw up multiple opportunities… and challenges!”

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