MiX Telematics
Fleet and Freight utilising M2M & IoT connectivity platform and managed services

“SIMPro allows us to automatically order and activate SIMs ourselves, and gives us visual access to our SIM estate 24/7. Our clients also required the security and reliability of a private APN and so Wireless Logic’s APN complements our own Datatrak network by offering us the reliability and security of fixed IP connectivity – something our customers expect.”

Steve Coffin, Marketing Director, MiX Telematics

Before Wireless Logic

  • Manual SIM ordering process onerous and long-winded
  • Cumbersome activation process meant deployment delays
  • Admin-heavy billing process.


The Solution

MiX Telematics has migrated its UK base of SIMs to Wireless Logic’s fully managed, fixed IP connectivity service to improve control over the usage and cost of each connection and to allow the company, for the first time, to analyse the performance, procurement and activation of its SIM base via Wireless Logic’s ‘NetPro’ platform and ‘SIMPro’ provisioning system.


MiX Telematics’ usage of SIMPro and NetPro enables it to activate/suspend and monitor data usage/performance in real time and to extract a deeper level of performance and behaviour data. This is enabling the company to make significant cost savings via usage reduction and streamlining, and has opened the door to the development of a new generation of ‘smart’ products.