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Tunstall: IoT cellular connectivity enabling person-centred care and enhance independent living.

Wireless Logic provides Tunstall with resilient and cost-effective mobile IoT connectivity solutions to enhance the lives of people at all stages of their care continuum.

About Tunstall

Tunstall have been a global leader in care solutions for over 60 years, continually responding, adapting and improving their offering to an ever-changing world. The Tunstall range of connected care solutions supports and enhances the lives of people at all stages of their healthcare needs by providing care solutions that support individuals seamlessly throughout, whilst simultaneously integrating into the wider, interconnected cycles of housing and healthcare.


Tunstall connected care solutions provide patients with a level of independence, and support active and enriched lifestyles in their own home for as long as possible. This means the need of going into hospital regularly or having to utilise the limited resource of care workers are both significantly reduced.  By delivering solutions through self-management and tailored to the individual need, Tunstall’s connected devices can monitor the wellbeing of a service user from the comfort of their home – key measurements such as temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure can all be communicated seamlessly and securely.

Traditionally Tunstall have used ‘Circuit Switched Data’ (CSD) mobile technology as a primary platform for device communication. As a ‘number-based’ technology which utilises banks of modems for ‘point to point’ communication, one device at a time – CSD is restrictive in terms of its technical capabilities and  low-bandwidth.  A switch to enhanced next generation technology utilising IP addressing was identified, bringing more resilient, cost-effective and flexible cellular communications to support the future-proofing of Tunstall’s technology.

With connection points nationwide, a key requirement was to reduce reliance on a single network provider and have access to multiple networks to deliver optimum levels of coverage, wherever the connected device is located.


Tunstall installations utilise a smart hub which can communicate with one or more peripheral devices, typically via Bluetooth. The hub connects to its central monitoring station via cellular and as part of its drive to maximise the potential of mobile connectivity, they have worked with Wireless Logic to develop a ‘one SIM fits all’ solution.

Today, Wireless Logic supports Tunstall’s care solutions with a non-steered roaming IoT SIM, designed to deliver fast, flexible and efficient transmission of vital data, wherever the hub is located.  Non-steered enables each connected hub to access a mobile network with the strongest signal without being steered to a ‘preferred’ network. This means the smart hub enjoys optimised cellular connection at all times.

By integrating cellular communications into the smart hub, customers of Tunstall’s solutions do not have to worry about connecting the hub onto Wi-fi or fixed line broadband, avoiding the complexities associated with set-up and management of a home-based connected device. SIMs are provided to Tunstall and are activated at point of installation.

With security a key factor for Tunstall’s monitoring solutions, Wireless Logic’s secure infrastructure is built around private APNs with IPSEC VPNs directly into Tunstall’s data centres. This ensures the integrity of the personal data through end-to-end secure links from hub to monitoring centre.

To deliver a total quality-focused and cost-effective communication platform, data usage is aggregated across thousands of SIMs, which enables Tunstall to accurately forecast and manage the billing of airtime costs, month on month. Wireless Logic’s SIMPro platform can give complete visibility to the status, activity and health of each deployed SIM, with the capability to manage and group SIMs into specific user groups and cost centres.


With the fast-paced digitisation of healthcare, secure, safe and reliable communication for connected health monitoring devices is a fundamental need. For Tunstall, Wireless Logic is delivering flexibility, security, accountability and reliability – all through one dedicated IoT SIM – with un-steered access to all of the UK’s mobile networks.

For more information and other case studies relating to cellular IoT connectivity solutions for healthcare applications, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly and talk to our e-healthcare connectivity team.

Tunstall are one of a number of key healthcare-related clients who are capitalising on the changing face of secure IoT connectivity. Today it is all about building connected solutions that are a perfect fit to the application – compromises are no longer required. We are proud to be part of Tunstall’s journey as they evolve and shape the future of e-healthcare.

Jon-Paul Clarke,
Business Development Director, Wireless Logic
Wireless Logic

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