Case Study

Thermatic Energy Services: deliver energy management solutions through IoT connectivity

Using a 4G ‘plug and play’ remote connectivity solution, we helped Thermatic to get their customers’ projects off the ground quickly and confidently.

About Thermatic Energy Services

Thermatic Energy Services work with end user clients to achieve their energy management targets. Their support ranges from install, to on-going monitoring, compliance and procurement. Their main focus is around giving their customers visibility to their systems and data to allow them to make actionable decisions to reduce their energy consumption, improve their building operation and achieve their sustainability targets.






One of the key challenges for Thermatic Energy is accessing secure connectivity on customers’ sites. There are a number of ways they can connect with their clients’ estates, but existing infrastructure and security risks are deciding factors on how these connections are established. Connecting remote monitoring systems to the internal IT network and getting a secure connection between the customer’s IT network and Thermatic Energy’s energy center, is one option, however this process can be long-winded and often a barrier to moving the project forward due to lack of co-ordination and differing IT policies.


Thermatic Energy worked with Wireless Logic to create a secure and cost effective 4G ‘plug and play’ remote connectivity solution to get their customers’ projects off the ground quickly and confidently. This encompassed a managed 4G router which was pre-configured and tested by the Wireless Logic Hardware Team, which gave Thermatic peace of mind over this part of the solution in the knowledge that support was available if required. Wireless Logic provided an un-steered roaming 4G SIM solution meaning that Thermatic Energy were able to deploy within days without having to go through site-surveys to identify the best network option or account for the cost of managing and deploying a new network through fixed line or WiFi. Additionally, as some Smart Building systems are in hard to reach areas such as basements, behind thick walls or in cabinets, having a solution that can penetrate and access these areas with no risk to connectivity down-time or lag was also required. In these instances, Thermatic knew that Wireless Logic’s access to LPWAN technologies would be able to assist.

In order to ensure that security risks were managed, Wireless Logic were able to offer a secure Private APN with IPSec VPN so that all data was processed securely away from public networks and enabled Thermatic Energy to add and remove devices simply with no risk of data breaches. This has also allowed Thermatic to have secure, two-way connectivity with customers’ sites without any risk to the customers’ own IT infrastructure.

Through the SIM Connectivity Management Platform, SIMPro, Thermatic can easily manage and control their entire SIM estate. SIMPro has also been a useful tool for troubleshooting, allowing Thermatic to quickly identify sites that may be experiencing issues. This means that they can manage engineer site visits more efficiently, particularly important over the past year when access to sites has been more limited.



We are very particular with the partners we work with due to the prestigious nature of our clients. When you are implementing large national projects, you don’t have time to hit roadblocks, especially when it comes to connectivity and visibility.Wireless logic continue to support us with delivering for our clients across a range of connectivity solutions. They work with us to tackle potential complications and we can rely on them to deliver our requirements and meet our customers' high expectations.

Jen Johnson,
MD, Thermatic Energy Services
Wireless Logic

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