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Pescado: collaborating on IoT connectivity

We partnered with Pescado to help transform their M2M and IoT connectivity and create a 360° data offering.

About Pescado

Pescado are one of the UK’s busiest voice and internet service providers. With over a decade of experience providing expert telecoms and IT solutions to a range of businesses, they have become a national name in delivering both mobile, fixed line and wireless broadband solutions, and industry-leading customer service.

big data management solution for voice and internet service providers


As the market has progressed over recent years, so has technology convergence. From a focus on converging mobile and fixed line, customers have become increasingly concerned with the integration of IoT and M2M connectivity in their services. Alongside this is the increased interest in the role of integrating big data management across each communication mode.

These shifts in market focus led Pescado to add M2M and IoT connectivity to their data management portfolio. However, this integration of SIM-enabled assets unsettled their tried and tested business model. Though they understood the importance of this integration, they weren’t certain that they’d be able to deliver and maintain the high quality levels of customer service that their customers were used to.

This mainly resulted from a ‘take it or leave it one solution offering’ from their incumbent Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), in addition to a varied mix of service level/experience issues which could leave Pescado customers vulnerable to service failure and down time.

This risk to customer relationships was too high, and so Pescado needed assistance through this transition from a trusted IoT Solutions Provider.


Pescado wanted to partner with a specialist connectivity provider that could complement their portfolio with an expert-led IoT and M2M connectivity offering — and this is where Wireless Logic came in.

Together we created a one-stop data management resource for Pescado customers — a tailor-made package that offers mobile, fixed line, wireless and M2M all through one provider.

Our sector-leading managed connectivity services were extended to Pescado’s client base, in addition to value-added services not available from any mobile network directly. We gave field-based and internal sales teams the tools to identify key questioning and application need, which allowed the team to filter leads that may require further levels of technical support and deal with accordingly.

Through collaboration, our business development and account management teams had essentially become an extension to the skill-sets already within Pescado. Importantly, we also provided expertise in areas such as VPNs, Fixed IP and multi-mobile network provisioning platforms.


Since our relationship with Pescado began, we have jointly developed a number of essential, IoT-integrated data management solutions, including environmental monitors, 3G and 4G back-up and primary provision, and a major estate of SIM-enabled parking management ticketing systems.

Our integrated IoT and M2M solutions have given Pescado customers the assurance they need that they will receive a full 360° approach to their data management that is becoming industry standard. For each application, Pescado have delivered an unrivalled data solution that has factored in efficiencies across the entire connectivity suite.

Pescado’s customers have access to our entire Managed Services M2M platforms and keep their total communications requirements with their tried and trusted provider. This is essential, as there is an evident transformation across the workplace and operation field as all of the communication platforms converge through one provider.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

From a somewhat commoditised market place where the likes of mobile and fixed line were being spot-purchased with less and less focus on the value-add, our open 360⁰ approach to data management has reinvigorated our entire offering. Customers are valuing this way of thinking and the specialist expertise that we can now provide across the board. The Wireless Logic relationship is a win-win for everyone.

Fraser Watson,
Managing Director of Pescado
Wireless Logic

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