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Case Study

UK Airlines connect In-Flight Retail Solutions

New Novo system improves onboard retail experience powered by IoT connectivity


As industry leading specialists providing end to end onboard retail solutions, Novo Ivc works closely with a number of in-flight concessionaires including to deliver airlines with the most comprehensive stock management, e-POS and Chip and PIN/Contactless Card Payment options.

Today’s solutions have resulted from a 15 year relationship with Alpha that has evolved into a seamless, fast and highly user-friendly on-board management tool which is being utilised across a number of airlines in the low-cost, scheduled and charter markets. Novo Ivc’s portfolio is now connected onto the mobile data network by Wireless Logic.

Novo Ivc’s solution employs their revolutionary new onboard retail system, ‘SkyPOS’ integrated into a ruggedized handheld in conjunction with manufacturer and payment processing specialist Ingenico. The result is the most comprehensive secure mobile chip and pin and contactless payment processing capabilities in Travel Retail. Seamlessly integrating with Novo’s onboard SkyPOS software, the PayPDA fully optimises in-flight retail capabilities whilst offering unrivalled levels of operational speed and enhanced sales potential.

fixed IP mobile technology for secure data transfer and payment transactions

The Solution

The NOVO solution now takes advantage of fixed IP mobile technology giving secure and immediate data transfer and payment transactions the moment the aircraft touches down and has reached a non-critical phase of the flight. With a nominated master handheld, this receives and transmits data across a highly secure VPN and then communicates consolidated information to the other handhelds on board via WIFI.

The mobile connectivity, Fixed IP and secure private network has been critical to the success of NOVO IVC’s latest in-flight solution. Working with Europe’s leading M2M managed services provider, Wireless Logic, Novo Ivc was able to test a number of mobile networks to identify the optimum solution to each airline’s requirement. Rowan Welch, Commercial Manager at NOVO IVC explains further: “Having met Wireless Logic following their work with our parent company TouchStar Technologies, we were able to run a number of trials and cost/benefit models across three different networks. Importantly, for each of the trials, we were able to use Wireless Logic’s cross-network VPN management platform – ‘NetPro’ allowing us to get a truly unbiased viewpoint on each network tested. Exhaustive research resulted in us selecting one roaming and one none roaming SIM solution across the Vodafone network.”

The immediacy of mobile connectivity has a number of key benefits when enabling airline operators to receive and transmit data from the stand. Of particular note is the ability to securely transmit payment transactions prior to passengers departing the aircraft. This has significantly reduced fraudulent transactions with staff being able to address questionable payments prior to the cardholders disembarking. Matt McPherson of Wireless Logic comments: “This is a great example of how organisations are able to utilise the highly secure features of M2M connectivity across Wireless Logic’s VPN. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are mission-critical to this with all parties needing to have 100% confidence in the uptime of the network platform. Wireless Logic’s NetPro VPN will deliver this and more, backed by the strength of Vodafone’s global network.”

A recipient of Novo Ivc’s in-flight retail solution is TUI who uses Novo’s systems as part of Alpha Flight UK’s Duty Free and catering concession. TUI is benefiting from the improved management reporting, dynamic payment capabilities and overall enhanced sales potential. “Novo Ivc’s pipeline for rollout to other airlines is looking excellent. TUI has been pleased with the uptake in retail sales and the speed in which flight data can be consolidated,” continues Rowan Welch of Novo Ivc.

From a connectivity perspective, we are also delighted to have Wireless Logic on board. Their solution and service delivery frees us up to focus on other critical aspects of the overall proposition. It’s also good to know that as we forge ahead with more global solutions, we will easily be able to access other international networks and global SIM solutions from the Wireless Logic portfolio.

Rowan Welch,
Novo Ivc
Wireless Logic

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