Case Study

Car Sharing Technology with IoT/M2M Cellular Managed Service

‘SIMPro platform’ opens up multiple mobile network opportunities

Local Motion


As a leader in car sharing enterprise technologies based in the USA and now in Europe, Local Motion have changed the face of car usage optimisation in only three years of operation. Incorporating instant keyless access and a broad-based array of remote fleet management tools, clients include Google, EDF and Mercedes. At the heart of their ingenious application is a connected module useable in any vehicle and supported by an easy to use web-based platform.

Arriving in the UK, one of Local Motion’s first customers is Thriev – London’s first all-electric chauffeured fleet who are utilising the Local Motion technology to establish one of the most progressive and efficient transport modals. Drivers can access the entire fleet by utilising ‘tap and go’ entry whilst each vehicle reports in real-time on battery state, vehicle usage, location and availability. This application requires resilient 3G connectivity and it is here that Local Motion have turned to Wireless Logic, widely acknowledged as Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services provider.

The Challenge

Requiring a rapid deployment, Thibault de Waziers, Business Development Manager, Europe had endured a number of false starts with major networks: “Our initial requirement was relatively small, yet critically important for our go to market strategy. Being introduced to the Wireless Logic team enabled us to get back on programme and discover a number of ‘value-adds’ that were not part of the initial scope,” comments Thibault de Waziers.

The value adds refer to Wireless Logic’s SIMPro platform which gives users complete visibility and control of their SIM estate, across multiple networks. Thibault’s team can view the usage, performance and tariff management through one window. “The platform enables Local Motion to monitor our business-critical connectivity and keep a firm hand on usage management,” continues Thibault de Waziers.

The Solution

Oliver Wallington, Wireless Logic’s Business Development Manager explains the significance of the relationship: “Local Motion approached us with a defined requirement which needed a reliable data solution. For the Thriev deployment, Vodafone along with their Sure Signal boost device enabled Local Motion to roll out the application – with SIM provisioning activated at point of use. Our ability to respond rapidly with a tailored M2M connectivity package allowed Thibault to deliver on his organisation’s promises.”
Today, Thriev are benefiting from state of the art keyless access technology along with fleet management tools that deliver a zero-carbon and highly efficient customer experience. The electric fleet is constantly talking to the Local Motion platform across Vodafone’s network giving Thriev operators the ability to optimise vehicle, battery and driver performance… vital to running one of the world’s greenest transport businesses.

For Local Motion and Wireless Logic, the opportunities to connect more car sharing operations across Europe are endless. “We’ve found a managed services partner who can now give us a pan-European gateway where any mobile network can be utilised across our forthcoming deployments. They understand our business drivers and the need to create seamless customer experiences. Our connectivity challenges are sorted!” concludes Thibault de Waziers.

Wireless Logic

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