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Case Study

ePRO healthcare solutions with Invivodata (part of ERT)

Wireless Logic has provided invivodata (part of ERT) with a suite of tailored services and solutions designed to deliver a one-stop connectivity platform across multiple networks


As the world’s leading providers of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) solutions, Invivodata (now part of ERT) has built a global reputation for clinical expertise, capturing data of the highest integrity, and delivery of over 95% protocol compliance – regardless of a patient’s technological experience or age.

With clinical drug trials taking place in every continent and less reliance on wired connections, wireless connectivity that is resilient, cost-effective and ensures secure data transfer is a prerequisite to the success of valid data retrieval.

The Challenge

With a rapidly growing user base, monitoring of SIM-connected devices had become logistically difficult – with little leverage in terms of ‘controlling’ the SIM estate.

  • Multiple bills on a month by month basis.
  • Occasional misuse of the data SIM card resulting in extraordinarily high costs.
  • Incumbent providers limited to providing a singular network.
  • Delivering one level of customer service, with an inability to respond quickly to network problems – often jeopardising the effectiveness of the ePRO solution.
  • Limitations to provide new connectivity solutions to locations not covered by their existing coverage.

The Solution

Wireless Logic has provided Invivodata (part of ERT) with a suite of tailored services and solutions designed to deliver a one-stop connectivity platform across multiple networks:

  • The SIM estate is now managed via a bespoke platform based upon Wireless Logic’s SIMPro middleware, empowering invivodata to have full access and control of their entire SIM estate
  • SIMPro delivers real-time reports on individual SIM actions, pinpointing individual usage, usage trends, and identifying unusual activity which might have previously led to fraudulent data usage
  • Connectivity reach is much improved with Wireless Logic providing a choice of national and international networks including a number of roaming SIM options
  • Invivodata is managed by a dedicated account management team who can respond rapidly to client requirements and any network issues. A Service Level Agreement ensures agreed response times
  • Granular billing on one monthly invoice significantly reduces Invivodata’s administration.


Invivodata says:
“Wireless Logic has quickly become an intrinsic partner delivering a reliable, solutions-focused service. Their approach to roaming, network and other related issues gives us immediate answers – long gone are the days of having to work with a multi-layered customer service team who are not prepared to respond effectively to connection issues. By working with the Wireless Logic account team, they are able to cut through the layers of red tape within networks and address challenges to agreed time scales. It’s time and money saved. Feedback from patients taking part in our trials has improved. This partnership is giving Invivodata a uniquely competitive edge.”

Craig Hollingworth, Consultant for Wireless Logic says “We have set out to develop an unrivalled range of connectivity solutions designed to address the frustrations previously experienced by invivodata. As an aggregator, we are delivering value at every stage of the relationship – from improved tariffs where we have used our consolidated purchasing strength across all of the incumbent networks, to the benefits of operating fixed IP over our secure private APN – taking invivodata away from the risks associated by running important clinical trials across the public network.”

Healthcare is one of the key areas of technology investment within the M2M sector. Partnering invivodata as the global leader in ePRO puts Wireless Logic at the forefront of wireless monitoring in medical research. Our ‘one window’ platform is well-suited to the complexities of a worldwide multi-network solution.

Philip Cole,
Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director
Wireless Logic

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