Case Study

Healthmatic: reducing costs with SIM connectivity

Using our SIM management platform, SIMPro, we helped Healthmatic manage, monitor and control their SIM estate and sustain reliably efficient connectivity.

About Healthmatic

Healthmatic are a leading name behind the UK’s automatic toilets. Specialising in the provision and management of Local Authority public toilets, they use automation to strategically assess and reduce management costs, while their data collection division, H2evidence, ensure these facilities are always connected and capture accurate data.


With smart toilets at the heart of their business, placing constant attention on the management of their facilities was essential. However, in the past, Healthmatic were struggling to monitor the cleanliness and maintenance of them — from knowing when a cleaner had been, to how much the facility was being used and whether stock levels were being replenished.

There were also issues around various money-keeping aspects of the facilities — from knowing how much money was in the turn-style units, to when the cash box was last emptied.

These problems were largely due to the need for having a member of staff physically check over key aspects of the facilities on a day-to-day basis, like having to open and close the facilities each day and carrying out maintenance checks.

It was clear that Healthmatic needed a solution that allowed them to remotely and reliably monitor their facilities to ensure time and money was being used as efficiently as possible by Local Authorities.


To resolve their issues around facility maintenance, Healthmatic created their systems, the H2 Control Pack. Fitted with MOXI units, the purpose of these systems was simple: to streamline the management of their facilities — remotely. This was achieved through each system having a host of smart features, enabled by SIM connectivity, such as the ability to transmit key data points — like user traffic, serving information, and safety management (e.g. the number of sharp objects found).

Each system essentially acted as a hub of information and data for each facility, allowing Healthmatic to have full control over how they were being used, whenever they wanted, and without the need for constant human interaction.

Key to the success of the H2 Control systems was state of the art connectivity provided by our dedicated Platform as a Service (PaaS), SIMPro. The use of SIMPro gave Healthmatic have full control over their SIM estate, reliably efficient M2M connectivity, and the ability to ‘park’ SIMs when not in use. This allowed for reliable remote monitoring, management and connectivity for Healthmatic, in addition to real-time data reporting and SIM provisioning/barring.


As a result of their SIM-connected Moxi units, Healthmatic were able to reduce costs and increase efficiency across their facilities. This was made possible by having the ability to monitor and manage maintenance staff visits more efficiently, which ultimately saves time and money for Local Authorities.

On top of this, teams were given far greater control over their facilities — like allowing for a timer to open and close the facilities, as well as the ability to vary the charge on the turn-styles as required. The units also allow for the number of door or cubicle entries to be registered, in addition to accurate audits of cash taken, and the remote ability to set open and close times.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

Whilst many of our contracts run for years, we are increasingly being asked for related ‘pinpoint and attitude’ data analysis, where we set up smart devices that deliver localised surveys on public services. Not just toilets, but also parks and other public utilities where monitoring of use and attitude of users can steer Local Authorities to make their service offerings better. Resilient connectivity and good customer service were high on our selection criteria when choosing a data airtime partner. We set out to find a seamless managed data service, and in Wireless Logic, we found it.

Eben Wilson,
Wireless Logic

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