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Case Study

EXODRONICS: optimising UAVs and drones through IoT connectivity

Using a multi-operator SIM, secure connectivity and SIMPro, we helped EXODRONICS optimise their UAV and drones monitoring and reporting over long distances.

About Exodronics

EXODRONICS is a technology-based company focused on the design, manufacture and commercialisation of territorial monitoring solutions. They use UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), also known as drones. and other complementary technologies for the analysis of data, Internet of Things (IoT), remote sensing and computer vision.

EXODRONICS was created in Barcelona by the venture builder MAS VINYOLES VENTURE FACTORY (MVVF) and the company CATUAV, who have more than 18 years’ experience in the UAV market. They are a pioneer in the European field of civil drone technology for professional use, in addition to providing services associated with remote metering.

EXO drones are characterised by an efficient aerodynamic design, based on the fixed-wing concept. The drones are designed to offer monitoring, mapping and observation of the earth in extensive or linear territories.


The technical challenge was to develop a single solution, flexible enough to allow real-time remote control of infrastructure and mobility systems in large or linear territories. Including the added value of sending video and images from a fixed-wing drone offering high connectivity beyond the pilot’s line of sight (BVLOS).

In addition to housing optical sensors, the EXO drones are manufactured to integrate telecommunication instruments, and a flight range superior to those on the current market. All with the integration of computer vision technologies, big data, deep learning and adapted to the new 4G-5G connectivity paradigm.


We provided a connectivity solution managed from a multi-operator SIM card embedded in the modem within the drone. This created a resilient network connection and is the key asset to connect the drone safely and efficiently to the VPN, linking the air segment with the ground segment (Ground Control Station) and the EXO Data servers.

EXODRONICS now have network availability with always-on coverage and a security layer for VPNs. This provided them with a competitive advantage thanks to the global implementation of the solution and its scalability.


EXODRONICS value lies in obtaining a managed telemetric data, video and photo stream in real time. EXO Data, a database integrated into an information system, collects the data from a fleet of drones to improve the efficiency of an operator. In EXO Data, telemetry data, pilots, sensors, aircraft, meteorology, air safety, provides businesses with real time insights. The ability to send and process video in real time using computer vision algorithms (via 4G/5G) means any events in the territory and linear infrastructure can be detected.

If you’re interested in learning more about our SIM Connectivity services, more information can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch with us directly.

EXODRONICS, with the help of its partners, is leading the technological change by connecting drones through the telephone network, over long distances, surpassing the current state of short-range radio links. With the solutions provided by Wireless Logic, we go beyond the communications itself, building solutions, products and services that bring out the possibilities of tomorrow.

Dr. Joan-Cristian Padró Garcia,
CTO – Tech Department, EXODRONICS
Wireless Logic

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