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Case study

Reaping the benefits of M2M

In the world of global players, CLAAS is amongst the biggest agricultural equipment manufacturers with 14 production sites across the world and hundreds of thousands of machines in use across every continent.


Today, from harvesting to soil preparation, applications that enable the most efficient performance in agriculture rely on state-of-the-art telematics solutions – keeping operators, owners, dealers and manufacturer in touch, every second of the day. CLAAS telemetry solutions monitor no less than 50 relevant parameters from machine settings to engine speed, fuel consumption to crop yield – all transmitted via the CLAAS communications module linked to a unit’s CANBUS.

Combine Harvester telematics deliver performance, productivity and process optimisation Real-time M2M data avoids machine operation downtime Data aggregation billing from Wireless Logic enables cost-effective service solutions CLAAS has honed telematics to optimise performance, productivity and process, with easy to access data via its own web-based monitoring platform. Combining GPS and GPRS, users can track any unit, in any location, and remotely analyse and manage its functionality.

Connectivity from machine to data platform is critical to delivering 24/7 productivity. The CLAAS communication module houses mobile SIMs provided by leading European M2M and IoT connectivity platform provider, Wireless Logic (www.wirelesslogic.com). Initially focusing on UK-based machinery, Wireless Logic’s SIMs are busy managing data flow from machine to web via the mobile network. From Inverness to Cornwall, Wireless Logic’s choice of network operators ensures the right network for the machine’s geo-operation, delivering optimal signal strength at all times.

real time m2m data management solutions

The Solution

Fundamental to the CLAAS and Wireless Logic relationship is the commercial set-up of the SIM contracts. Aggregation of data enables CLAAS to amortise data connectivity costs across its entire UK fleet leading to simple airtime contracts where one price fits all.

Whilst some units can be data-intensive, by aggregating usage there are no nasty billing surprises for CLAAS. Further efficiencies are found through SIM provisioning – CLAAS utilises the Wireless Logic ‘SIMPro’ Platform as a Service (PaaS) with SIMs provisioned exactly at point of delivery. With SIMPro, CLAAS has complete visibility and control of their SIM estate with data usage, real-time activity, reporting and SIM provisioning/barring via the web-based platform.

Justin Godfrey-Cass, Business Account Manager for Wireless Logic continues: “CLAAS typifies the type of key client that we are developing business-critical relationships with, who require a customised solution uniting multiple connectivity into an aggregated data model. This type of solution can only come from a managed services provider such as Wireless Logic, and gives CLAAS a potential one-size-fits-all global solution managed via a single source.”

With quality and sustainability principle drivers for CLAAS, the added value telemetry brings is essential to operators worldwide.  Bob Townson concludes: “Be it a farm owner monitoring operational statistics from his desk, or one of our dealers checking engine performance ahead of service schedules, real-time data gives CLAAS a unique edge in operational performance. We are pleased that connectivity is an area that we don’t have to worry about – to us, the units are connected, full stop. We can focus on optimising performance, avoiding machine downtime, and maximising yields.”

Telematics solutions are an integral part of the CLAAS product make-up globally. Working with Wireless Logic gives us total flexibility in the connectivity and data usage aspects of telemetry. The Wireless Logic proposition gives us a simple one level tariff across our entire UK portfolio. It’s a commercial model that we may look to utilise further afield.

Bob Townson,
Information Technology Manager for CLAAS UK
Wireless Logic

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