Connecting your Building Management Systems via secure 4G private networks

With Building Management Systems becoming more complex and more business critical, sourcing and implementing the right connectivity solution has never been more important.

Our secure private 4G mobile solutions can create independent networks away from the main corporate infrastructure, enabling resilient and fast communications without affecting existing fixed line WANs.


We already provide solutions into the following BMS applications:

  • HVAC Control
  • Security Systems
  • Access Control Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Lift Management & Comms
  • Energy Management
  • Fire Safety
  • Fixed Line Failover/Back-up

Tell me more about secure 4G connectivity for digitised buildings

One-stop communication solutions

At Wireless Logic, we provide complete end-to-end solutions including 4G routers, 4G data tariffs and support with pre-configuration services. With a range of market-leading router brands, there are routers tailored to various applications, from enterprise dual-band models to industrial-grade routers designed for more harsh environments.

This month’s featured router range is from US-based Encore Networks. The EN-2000 range starts from just £399 with options for plastic and metal cases, dual band and a range of accessories.

For a limited period, the EN2000 comes with a free LMO MIMO Antenna (valued at £84 + VAT) and free configuration – set-up of SIM configuration plus port-forwarding and Wi-fi setting (where applicable) – worth in excess of £25 + VAT. The total offer is worth in excess of £100 and is available on all Encore Networks routers. To learn more about the EN2000, download our BMS connected router solutions pdf here.


Connectivity choice enables tariffs to be tailored by data usage, optimum signal and contract duration. With a choice of 600 global networks including all major UK and European network operators, we can create the best data packages to make your applications function effectively, competitively and securely. With options such as data aggregation for multiple deployments (same network, same tariff), we can tailor connectivity solutions to match the duration, location, security requirement and resilience for each BMS application.

Management and control

Management of SIMs including data usage, tariffs, billing and status is all performed via Wireless Logic’s SIM management platform. Click here for more information.

Rapid deployment

For many applications, the connectivity element can be a last-minute thought, albeit that it is mission-critical to enable secure two-way data traffic. As part of our one-stop solution, we can pre-configure routers including set-up of SIM configuration plus port-forwarding and Wi-fi setting (where applicable). Along with rapid provisioning of SIMs and router availability from stock, deployment of connected routers can be in just a number of days following order confirmation. This can be important for supply chain optimisation as well as ensuring that your BMS application’s go live is both fast and efficient.

Ready-made private infrastructure

One of our key USPs is the ability to create a secure infrastructure for your application with fixed private IP and private APNs. To learn more, click here .

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