Working with Wireless Logic

M2M Managed services, airtime subscriptions and supporting bolt-on services all form a vital cog in the wheel of customers’ applications, locally and globally. With continuing focus on finances, Wireless Logic’s drive to deliver best value at all times is a prerequisite in our business delivery. Consequently, account management teams will hold regular reviews on contracts keeping customers up to speed with tariff and financial developments likely to affect their own subscriptions.

Transparency, regular communication and financial stability are all key components to successful relationships nurtured with Wireless Logic customers.

To ensure continuity of service, all customers are billed on a direct debit basis. Using the Wireless Logic SIMpro platform, ‘bill shock’ is avoided as visibility of an entire SIM estate is available online 24/7.

To optimize airtime value, Wireless Logic operates an aggregated business model, with data aggregation on a per SIM basis on same tariffs. This means that data hungry SIMs can be offset against other lower data usage SIMs, as long as they are on the same data usage tariff per month.

Working in partnership with application developers, Wireless Logic operates a revenue share practice. To learn more, click here.

Managed Finance is also an important service development for the group. Combining airtime, managed services and hardware in one simple monthly cost avoids CAPEX on the balance sheet. To learn more, click here.


Connectivity: You can have airtime across 17 European data networks. Local SIMs. Global SIMs. Roaming SIMs. In-country roaming SIMs. We do them all.


Visibility: Our SIM management platform SIMPro enables you to view and control your entire estate of machines on one web browser – in real time. In fact, if you have 17 different MNO SIMs they can all be managed in the one platform making it all so easy to control.


Security: Our private data network NetPro moves data through our secure servers privately and securely.


Reliability: As part of our SIMPro platform – BILLpro provides a billing management service and with MAPpro you can plan and view your SIMs geographically.

Connectivity with multiple European data networks

Having the choice of different Mobile Network Operators is important. Today, the market is demanding more flexibility and more choice and connectivity solutions are expanding to cover the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. The European networks we partner with include: Bouygues, Everything Everywhere, O2, O2 Global, O2 Ireland, Orange, Telefonica, Telenor, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Vodafone Germany, Vodafone Global, Vodafone Spain, Orange Spain and SFR. And we are adding new networks all the time. But whilst our focus is Europe, our Global SIMs provide connectivity in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Experience and knowledge


At Wireless Logic, our connectivity tariffs can fit the precise data needs of the application and the entire SIM estate can be managed directly via our SIMPro platform. We really are experts in this field and over the 10 years we have been in business our SIM base has become the largest in Europe. This knowledge offers big benefits to our customers because they can gain immediate access to technologies and solutions across the whole M2M spectrum. And to all of the major European mobile networks, we are seen as a key strategic partner that delivers best-in-class connectivity, value, and exceptional customer service. Put simply, we are the people to speak to because we are right at the forefront of M2M.

SIMPro: Platform-as-a-service

Our SIMPro Platform-as-a-service is an essential monitoring and control tool for users with multiple devices. As a standalone platform it can activate SIMs, monitor them in real-time, set up usage alerts, broadcast SMS messages, manage billing and produce reports for entire estate of SIMs. And from one web browser.

SIMPro is widely recognised as the leading PaaS for M2M. It gives visibility to global and local SIMs that, in turn, delivers views of multiple network connections through one web browser window.

We have also developed multiple APIs which enables you to quickly and easily embed management functionality directly into your applications. Our APIs provide an unmatched level of control and flexibility to application developers.

The SIMPro platform is also available as a licensed software platform for those contracted to airtime commitments elsewhere.


NetPro: Infrastructure-as-a-service


NetPro is a fast and secure private network that delivers data both cost-effectively and reliably. We achieve this by overlaying private secure communication solutions onto the global network infrastructure, so you don’t have to pay for complex IT architecture, connectivity or having in-house specialist engineers.

Overlaying private secure communication solutions onto the global network infrastructure is usually an expensive operation. Major investment is required in complex IT architecture and connectivity. With NetPro you can have a multi-million pound infrastructure for a simple tariff per user, per month – saving you vast amounts of money up front. NetPro is widely used across the UK and Europe, and is the ideal solution for rapid deployment of a private and secure wireless infrastructure.