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Articles 19th January 2024

Overcome IoT’s permanent roaming challenge with Remote SIM Provisioning

Discover how Wireless Logic’s single global SIM addresses permanent roaming challenges.

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Articles 5th February 2024

2024 IoT trends: what solution providers need to know and do

Exploring 2024 IoT trends: Six IoT trends that businesses planning, or running, connected solutions need to know about. 

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Articles 26th January 2024

The responsibility of IoT in protecting personal data

On Data Protection Day, January 28th, we consider the importance of secure connections in protecting users' personal and sensitive data, emphasizing the need for comprehensive cybersecurity in IoT projects.

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Articles 18th January 2024

Unveiling the 8 Most Asked Questions About NB-IoT Connectivity

Explore NB-IoT's complexities in this blog. An essential resource for enthusiasts, developers, and curious minds seeking clarity on NB-IoT essentials.

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Deciphering the Top 6 Questions About LTE-M

Explore LTE-M connectivity. In this blog we address common questions about compatibility, speed and functionality. Guiding you through the wireless landscape to uncover why LTE-M is a transformative force in LPWA connectivity.

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Articles 3rd January 2024

How IoT empowers the visually impaired

AI and IoT are enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for visually impaired individuals by providing smart homes and revolutionary apps that compensate for vision loss and improve the quality of life. Let's explore the technologies that are paving the way.

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Articles 19th December 2023

Preparing for the sunsetting of UK 3G networks

Explore the reasons behind the sunsetting of cellular technologies, the implications on IoT and how organisations should be preparing for this transformative shift.

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Articles 23rd November 2023

How IoT empowers delivery drivers

Explore how IoT has transformed the delivery sector. Dive into our blog revealing how IoT empowers delivery drivers especially during the Xmas buildup and in the aftermath of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Articles 20th October 2023

Care Show 2023: efficiency in-home patient care

Colin Neale, Business Development Manager, explores learnings from Care Show 2023 and how IoT connectivity enables health and wellbeing applications

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Articles 20th September 2023

How anomaly detection helps secure the IoT

Pritam Shiravadekar, Product Manager Value Added Services, explains the importance of anomaly detection to mitigate security risks to the IoT

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Articles 3rd August 2023

The new standard for remote SIM provisioning (SGP.32) explained

Paul Bullock, chief product officer, explains how the new standard for remote SIM provisioning (SGP.32) will benefit businesses and what it means for the IoT.

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Articles 12th July 2023

The imminent regulation of security in the Internet of Things

David Rogers explores security regulatory requirements in the IoT space and what it means for companies across the world.

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Articles 6th July 2023

Forewarned is forearmed: why and how to rehearse IoT security

Simon Trend, Managing Director of Group Services, makes the case for practising incidents to optimise IoT security.

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A framework for IoT security: is your solution cyber secure?

Iain Davidson, Senior Product Manager, explains how to use Wireless Logic’s IoT Security Framework to defend against, detect and react to cyber threats.

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Articles 26th May 2023

How the IoT helps in the fight against hunger

World Hunger Day is being celebrated on 28 May by The Hunger Project, and we want to share how IoT can play an important role in the ambitious goal of eradicating this epidemic.

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Articles 11th April 2023

How to make EV charge points cyber secure

Charge point deployments at private residences, commercial sites and public locations must ramp up to support EV growth. Justin Godfrey-Cass, Head of Transport Solutions, Wireless Logic outlines the security needs of electric vehicle charge points.

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Articles 29th March 2023

Electric vehicles, the IoT and the smart grid

Justin Godfrey-Cass, Head of Transport Solutions, Wireless Logic explains why cellular connectivity helps Charge Point Operators monitor and maintain charge points and understand the load EV charge points place on the network.

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Articles 14th March 2023

What it means to us, to be positioned as a Magic Quadrant Leader

Iain Davidson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Wireless Logic comments on the company’s position in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant and reflects on the strengths and cautions shared by Gartner.

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Articles 19th January 2023

How award-winning security defends IoT devices

Wireless Logic’s Cloud Secure solution was named winner of the IoT Security Product of the Year award at the recent IoT Breakthrough Awards.

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Articles 23rd December 2022

Why energy storage needs the IoT

Mark Appleby, Head of Business Development, explains the benefits of IoT connectivity in battery storage and distribution solutions.

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Articles 30th November 2022

The IoT’s role as energy companies transform

Mark Appleby, Head of Business Development, explains the importance of IoT technology for the utilities sector, to monitor and manage the supply and demand of transformative energy sources.

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Articles 24th November 2022

Are you ready for the PSTN switch off?

The UK’s PSTN switches off in 2025 in a move that affects more than just voice calls. PSTN provides connectivity for a range of IoT applications, meaning companies and device manufacturers must have a clear migration path to alternative networks.

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Articles 10th October 2022

Managing device identity is the key to secure and scalable IoT deployments

Paul Bullock, Head of MVNO, explains IoT security and what to look for from an IoT connectivity platform provider

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Articles 6th June 2022

Resilient connectivity protects revenues for the retail sector

Paul Bullock, Head of MNVO, outlines how ultra-high availability SIMs provide the reliable connectivity many consumer services depend on.

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Articles 23rd May 2022

How to secure the IoT from the SIM to the Cloud

Paul Bullock, Head of MNVO, Wireless Logic Group, explores IoT security, from SIM authentication to mobile networks through to secure access to Cloud services.

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Articles 3rd May 2022

Research reveals consumer expectations of digitised services

Laurence Hilton, CMO, outlines Wireless Logic research results and examines how, through the IoT, retailers can meet the expectations of an ‘everything now’ culture.

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Articles 22nd March 2022

Introducing Conexa: Wireless Logic’s network for ‘things’

Paul Bullock describes how Wireless Logic’s new global cellular network addresses the many challenges of global IoT.

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Articles 22nd February 2022

Connected applications enable resilient at home care

Mark Appleby, Business Development Manager at Wireless Logic Group shares how cellular connectivity is enabling independent living and remote patient monitoring applications.

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Articles 4th February 2022

Wireless Logic named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Wireless Logic is featured in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide, for the first time.

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Articles 25th January 2022

Why organisations are choosing CAT-1 over LPWAN for global IoT

Paul Bullock, Wireless Logic Group discusses the advantages of CAT-1 connectivity for multi-region IoT deployments.

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Articles 16th December 2021

Navigating eSIM deployments for the IoT

Paul Bullock, Wireless Logic Group, explains how, with the right expertise and orchestration, eSIM solutions can deliver significant benefits for many IoT projects.

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Articles 1st November 2021

The future of construction is digital thanks to wireless onsite connectivity

Sam Eaton, Business Development Manager, Wireless Logic Group shares why the construction industry are deploying cellular connectivity solutions for onsite applications.

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Articles 20th August 2021

The PSTN switch off is happening in 2025; are you ready for this change?

Hao Shi, Solutions Consultant, Arkessa, part of Wireless Logic Group discusses why cellular connectivity is an option to replace legacy PSTN technology before the switch off in 2025.

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Articles 26th July 2021

Transforming clinical trials and patient experience with 4G cellular connectivity

Our Business Development Manager Mark Appleby, explains how cellular connectivity is transforming the way clinical trial organisations gather patient data remotely.

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Articles 19th May 2021

Building LTE & 5G connectivity into SD-WAN solutions

Our Head of Business Development, Oliver Wallington discusses the rise of SD-WAN and the importance of deploying LTE or 5G connectivity as part of a solution.

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Articles 26th February 2021

How cellular will enable to growth of the commercial drone market

Our Business Development Manager, Matthew Clark explains how cellular connectivity is playing an important role in the growth of the commercial drone market.

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Articles 15th January 2021

How businesses can best prepare for IoT connectivity opportunities?

Our CEO, Oliver Tucker discusses the opportunity that eUICC and 5G will bring to IoT solutions and how to address the increasing threat of IoT fraud and data breaches

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Articles 6th January 2021

How to tackle complex IoT security

Our CTO, Simon Trend discusses IoT Security and ways in which you can minimise the risk of data breaches and fraud

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Articles 12th November 2020

Sunset Planning – European 3G network closures

European Operators such as Vodafone Netherlands have recently shut down their national 3G networks and others will be following.

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Articles 13th August 2020

Why Police Forces Are Turning to Cellular Connectivity for ANPR

Wireless Logic's Justin Godfrey-Cass discusses the importance of resilient and secure ANPR connectivity for police forces.

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Articles 21st July 2020

Smart building solutions will play an integral role in the return to normality

Our IoT Business Development Manager, Mark Appleby, explains how the Smart Buildings industry is helping to get people back to their offices.

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Articles 2nd June 2020

10 steps to help secure your IoT/M2M applications

We guide you through 10 steps to take to minimise the increasing risk of IoT data breaches and fraud.

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Articles 29th November 2019

Why is cellular connectivity so critical to the growth of the Electric Vehicle market?

Justin Godfrey-Cass explains how IoT connectivity is proving to be a critical factor in the adoption of electric vehicles.

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Articles 14th May 2017

Ransomware attacks highlight the need to secure IoT applications

In the IoT world the issue of security is burning brightly as the industry gears up for an era of intense collaboration to address the challenges ahead.

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Articles 26th January 2015

M2M’s Big Data and the avoidance of Big Bother…

As the proliferation of M2M applications and the IoT gathers pace, whilst the presence of 'Big Data' is now the norm, the management and control of such data traffic is more and more in the spotlight.

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Articles 15th August 2014

IoT cyber-attacks – apocalyptic or solved with the right solutions?

Hewlett-Packard have reported that up to 70% of IoT devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. IoT will impact on all of our lives, with 26 billion installed units by 2020 according to Gartner.

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