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European Operators such as Vodafone Netherlands have recently shut down their national 3G networks and others will be following. If your M2M or IoT applications rely on 3G connectivity, now is the time to find out more about sunset dates and to start preparing for any changes that might be required.


Do you know when the 3G networks that you rely on will sunset?

Many European Operators have already indicated when they will be shutting down or starting to close down their national 3G networks*:

 Vodafone Italia – Feb 2021
 Telenor Denmark – From April 2021
 Deutsche Telecom – June 2021
 Vodafone Germany – June 2021
 KPN (Netherlands) – Jan 2022
 UK Networks – No specific dates given, but likely to be 2022/2023

View our comprehensive table of sunset dates*

*Although not all networks have confirmed their sunset dates, we aim to ensure that the list is as complete and accurate as possible. Please note that these dates can change as networks adjust their plans.


Discover the alternatives to 3G

Whatever your application, we’ll work with you to find the right alternative to 3G and ensure that your application is configured to avoid any unnecessary connectivity issues.

A new LPWAN service that is being rolled out by networks across the globe. Purpose-built, future-proofed connectivity for low and medium bandwidth applications using up to 1GB of data per month.

Supporting applications that require higher bandwidth and lower latency than LTE-M

Many national 2G networks will outlive their 3G counterparts and if your application only requires a relatively low bandwidth (and your module is compatible), 2G could be a practical option.

Compare alternative bearer services using our comparison table


Download our 3G Sunset Guide today

Our comprehensive guide gives an easy to understand explanation of the changes and the steps that you should take to successfully migrate to alternative cellular services. 

Find out more about:
• Sunsetting in more detail, why it’s happening,
the impact and timescales
• The benefits of alternative services
– LPWAN & 4G
• The steps you should take to future-proof
your deployments

Download our Sunset Guide

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