Embracing diversity keeps Wireless Logic up to speed

Wireless Logic’s Matthew Tate discusses changes within a growing global business.

Matthew Tate Chief Commercial Officer

Matthew Tate

Across the Wireless Logic Group we have such a diverse team of nationalities, ages, education and backgrounds. We thoroughly believe that embracing diversity in all its forms makes us stronger as a company; our broad-based and talented teams help us to stay agile and move faster than others in the market.

Many of our people have joined Wireless Logic directly, whilst others through acquisition, as we have rapidly expanded across Europe. Those who have moved into the Group have embraced and enhanced the existing Wireless Logic philosophy, and the high level of successful cultural integration is proven by almost 100% retention of our acquired staff.

As I enter my 20th year of full time work, I love supporting approaches that would never have been thought of 15, 10, or even two years ago. At Wireless Logic, we never dismiss an idea off the bat. If the idea is ultimately unfeasible, we’ll make sure we share why it can’t be achieved. We continuously learn from each other and all grow together, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and supporting creativity – in a fast market like ours, you have to be faster than your competitors and think out of the box – every day!

Our ethos isn’t just fostered internally. My team is responsible for all partner relationships and ensuring that we gel with equally diverse and like-minded external organisations. We continually seek creative, smart and ‘calculated-risk taking’ partners to develop the next successful product, before the mass market realises it’s even required. It’s all about leading, not following.

When visiting our business partners across the world I’m always heartened by how many people take time out of their schedules for a more informal discussion. Modern communications help businesses to run, but personal, face to face contact is irreplaceable for forging long-term, beneficial partnerships. The best ideas often come over lunch or dinner, where we really get to know, understand and appreciate our colleagues and their operations.

Ultimately, this all results in strong and close relationships. Speaking a local ‘language’ – i.e. how we say something, not just what we impart, is one of the reasons why Wireless Logic has been so successful to date. As we continue to expand, we hope to continue the diverse, passionate and driven way we work with our business partners, supporting their needs as well as our own.

The very nature of our business embraces diversity and inclusion – many European colleagues took time away from their families and busy work lives to attend our summer team building celebration in the UK, last week. It was fantastic to see people of all different backgrounds, yet with the same shared goal, come together to have fun at the event.

And finally, in a year that has seen three business acquisitions to date, there has never been a more important time to remain agile and open-minded. New team members, new ideas and different ways of working. We are open-minded and relish change. As our CEO’s mantra goes… Onwards and Upwards!

Matthew Tate is the Chief Commercial Officer of Wireless Logic Group

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