10 steps to help secure your IoT/M2M applications

2nd June 2020 

Secure processes and infrastructure for your connected devices

With the ever-present threat of fraud to the IoT, we’ve put together 10 simple steps that will help you keep your IoT applications secure. These steps will help minimise your risk against some of the most common techniques used by cyber criminals.

At Wireless Logic we are ISO27001 certified which gives our customers he reassurance that our processes are robust and our employees are trained to ensure that data is kept and transmitted in a secure way. You can find out more about on our IoT security hub.

Securing your device

Always immediately change the default password of your device/router.

Use the latest version of firmware from your hardware manufacturer.

Consider securing your device with a firewall.

Ensure that your devices are not tampered with. Contact us to discuss our solutions further.


Securing your SIM

Bar/block any services that you don’t need using our SIM Management platform, SIMPro – for example SMS or roaming.*

Consider IMEI locking services to ensure that your SIM is associated with the appropriate device.** Contact us to discuss further.


Manage and monitor your services

Actively manage user profiles for your SIMPro account to ensure that users have the correct access rights.

Closely monitor usage by setting up SIMPro alerts and ensure that you review your bill every month.


Overlay private APN services

Consider encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, static IPs and direct interconnects.

Consider outbound IP whitelisting to ensure that data traffic can only be sent to defined end points.

*Some networks may not be able to bar specific services.    **IMEI locking is not available on all networks.


Following these steps does not guarantee security for your applications, but they will minimise your risk.

If you notice any suspicious activity, or would like to discuss any of our services, call 0330 056 3300.

Please contact us if you’d like to talk more about keeping your IoT application secure.

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