3G/4G Routers delivering Remote Access for CCTV and Security installations

For camera installations where WiFi/fixed line connectivity is not close to hand, a 3G/4G router is the ideal way to connect your CCTV, DVR or related hardware. Our range of router solutions are suitable for locations which are unlikely to be ‘lit up’ by fixed line. Equally, for deployments where the set-up is required immediately with the fixed line provider giving long lead-times for installation, a 3G/4G router connected package is the right alternative.

With a wide range of routers, Wireless Logic can access multiple brands and price points to deliver a connected solution designed to suit your deployment. With many of the routers available on an OPEX-basis, where the cost of the router is bundled with 3G/4G airtime and pre-configuration, the overall package is tailored and competitive.

Key to ensuring two-way connectivity is the ability to assign a fixed public or private IP onto the 3G/4G SIM. Wireless Logic have the capability to perform this over multiple mobile networks, enabling users to access and retrieve high-speed data within a highly secure setting and infrastructure. To learn more about our private infrastructure, click here.

We will be able to advise on the most suitable network or networks for your installation, with signal strength, data speeds and tailored tariffs. With a growing router choice, you will also have the capability to consider DUAL-SIM options for greater resilience and bandwidth.

As an example of a mid-range router, the EN-2000 is ideal for multiple deployment types including security and camera installations. In addition to leading US-based technology and build, Encore also providers enCloud – a platform which enables users to control data activity including capping, all performed remotely through the enCloud window. enCloud can be accessed via Wireless Logic’s SIMPro Management and Control platform which gives users complete visibility of their entire SIM estate, across multiple networks.

To learn more about the EN-2000 and enCloud, scroll down for links.

Infographic demonstrating the relationship between a 4G router and its CCTV/DVR eco-system. Routers are connected through one or more IoT specific data SIMs, and supported by the Wireless Logic control platform, SIMPro.

There are a few key points to consider when planning remote 4G CCTV access:

  • The UK mobile networks provide private, dynamic IP addresses which cannot be accessed from the Internet (access is blocked by NAT firewalls). You will need a public/private static IP address to successfully implement 3G / 4G CCTV access.
  • You may require an external antenna to maximise throughput on your 4G connection.
  • You must select a network with good upload speed for high frame rates and better image quality. We can assist and recommend the best network at the installation location.
  • Select a 4G router best suited for your application.

We can pre-configure the 4G router with any port forwarding requirements you have before despatch.

Click here to find out more about the enCloudTM Enterprise Management System.

More information on the EN-2000 is featured below.


Features: Dual SIM, Wi-Fi
Applications: Office/Enterprise, SME, Retail/Pop up, CCTV, basic internet, ANPR



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