End-to-end solutions within security-conscious ANPR market

For Local Authorities, Police Authorities and organisations involved in the use of camera technology such as CCTV and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), the transference of critical data securely and efficiently is a key aspect in creating resilient systems. Challenges that such operators can face include the need for static IP to the device, the creation of secure connects and interconnects, and the overall management and control of numerous deployed units connected, in the main, across cellular networks.

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To implement appropriate platforms, camera operators turn to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Managed Services Providers to steer a course to suitable solutions. And it is here that seeking relevant and cost-effective connectivity platforms can mean success or pain. Today the choice of provider and their sector knowledge can dictate the direction in creating systems that work, or ones that excel – tailored to the precise demands of the sector.

As an example of this, pain was felt by a UK Police Authority in setting up an estate of ANPR cameras – both in-vehicle and fixed sites. Having initially looked at an ‘off the shelf’ MNO solution as part of an existing voice-focused framework agreement, the structure proposed was far from efficient; individual VPN tunnels to each device that required complex management with unacceptable latency resulting in poor levels of data transfer & connectivity. In essence, the authority was to employ an SME solution bolted together with high latency levels. The structure was further challenged due to the potential of ‘bill shock’ – the unexpected costs associated with cellular connectivity when high amounts of data are billed monthly, over and beyond the estimated usage levels.

Reviewing the planned platform, the Police Authority turned to Wireless Logic as a Managed Services Provider to identify a more focused ‘end to end’ solution to the cellular connectivity challenge. Such organisations bring both industry specific and flexible thinking to the table, and importantly, are ‘network agnostic’ so that customers can use one or multiple MNOs within their chosen platform. This was particularly relevant given that the authority had identified a need to engage several networks to ensure acceptable signal strength in their multiple locations. Widely acknowledged as Europe’s leading M2M Managed Services Provider with over 1.5m SIM subscriptions in management, the Wireless Logic team were able to deliver a consultancy-led review and approach to the project employing direct experience gained from similarly implemented applications.

To counter the complex management of multiple VPN tunnels overcoming the latency of such a solution and associated costs, the first recommendation was to employ a single VPN terminating at a demilitarised zone outside of the authority’s internal network. The network platform utilised was Wireless Logic’s NetPro, a single, encrypted and highly resilient structure with dual-failover, sitting across all of the major MNOs within the UK. CAPEX costs for the setting-up of such infrastructures are normally prohibitive to organisations that don’t typically factor in expense for secure connectivity. With NetPro, CAPEX is avoided with costs seen as OPEX when combined with monthly SIM subscriptions.

To resolve the potential of bill shock, this was achieved through the integration of ‘SIMPro’, Wireless Logic’s SIM provisioning and control platform. When linked with a SIM’s fixed IP and the NetPro VPN, SIMPro can individually monitor and control data usage in real-time, setting up alerts and instructions when thresholds are reached. To create a seamless one-stop procurement, Wireless Logic provided pre-configured CISCO routers and other associated hardware. This, along with the connectivity and platforms, enabled the authority to acquire the entire solution through a single source.

Provided as a proof of concept model, the trial initially connected 70 mobile camera sites. With minimal commitment and commercial risk from the outset, the solution allowed the authority to road test the infrastructure with confidence prior to a major rollout featuring multiple fixed and mobile units.

Jon-Paul Clarke, Business Development Director comments: “This solution highlights how public sector camera operators can effectively streamline connectivity services, decrease both CAPEX and OPEX and meet the dictates of delivering secure and resilient two-way communication. We were able to deliver relevant market knowledge and expertise to deliver a comprehensive Enterprise-grade platform, fit for purpose and highly scalable. Working with the procurement processes of the public sector, we were able to provide a complete end-to-end solution without the need for the authority to enlist a number of specialist companies as part of the supply chain. And importantly, we were able to bring the solution to the market rapidly.”

For more information on fixed and mobile camera solutions, contact the business development team today on 01494 679 800.

SIMPro M2M SIM Provisioning Platform receives further customer-centric upgrades

  • Customer-centric enhancements put SIM-based M2M/IoT device owners in complete control
  • One platform window gives access and management to multiple mobile network and satellite connected devices
  • Features focus on the vital role of cost control across huge SIM-controlled IoT estates

Following the major launch of Wireless Logic’s SIM provisioning platform SIMPro in March, the first upgrade has now rolled out during November which sees a number of new features that are tailored to their growing UK and European client base. This results from a significant investment throughout 2014 and further expenditure expected in the months ahead.

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As the core to the organisation’s 1.5m subscriptions, SIMPro allows customers to manage and control their connected devices across multiple networks, all through one easy-to-use window. The Spring launch witnessed an entire rebuild from the ground-up to create a fully standalone platform useable by customers with contracted subscriptions with Wireless Logic, and through a licence arrangement where airtime contracts are held elsewhere.

This month sees the introduction to a range of tools that will further streamline the SIM activation process with more intuitive functionality for commissioning airtime tariffs. Additionally, users can now manage how their monthly billing processes are delivered following the full integration of the Wireless Logic billing platform ‘BillPro’.

These further enhancements come at a time when the market is seeing exponential growth in connected devices. That growth is accompanied by the need to manage costs across multiple SIM-based assets and to ensure the avoidance of ‘billshock’ – the term associated with SIMs that present with unexpected high monthly costs. With customers managing SIM estates into the hundreds of thousands, it is vital that complete visibility is available to each and every SIM, regardless of network or location. For Wireless Logic, this essential functionality comes into its own when combined with its secure private network overlay ‘NetPro’, which gives customers the capability to monitor real-time data use and react if and when devices demonstrate unusual patterns of activity. With fixed-IP SIMs and networks terminating through one VPN, management, alert and response procedures become more effective and seamless.

SIMPro can integrate easily into customers’ own systems with a new range of APIs. A recent integration has seen a major European transportation concern where SIMs from four major networks will now be managed across the SIMPro platform acting as a single control point.

Hannah Hailstone, Wireless Logic’s Customer Service Manager recognises the strategic importance of SIM management and control for customers across the spectrum: “With over 95% of our SIM base now under the SIMPro platform, the benefits of empowering our customers to shape the way their devices connect are huge. Control is now in their hands, and with multiple permissions-based access points, it means that organisations can now perform actions, interrogate for granular information and define rules for complex billing arrangements. These latest enhancements add to the user-experience and initial feedback has been positive.”

M2M and the Internet of Things. The World of Connectivity is not enough

Matt McPherson, Wireless Logic’s Sales Manager explains why the M2M/IoT connectivity market is changing:

As markets evolve, changing needs means there’s a constant need for change. That’s no different for the world of connected devices within the M2M sector. In 15 years the Wireless Logic offering has changed significantly – from simple connectivity to a diverse portfolio of value add services.

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What we’ve recognised is our customers’ desire to have a single partner for associated services that are offered in seamless packages. By achieving this, we are ensuring that costs are managed through an OPEX model as opposed to a CAPEX one. By using connectivity as a subscribed cost, we now integrate services that are relevant to M2M communication, and billed as a monthly contracted fee. In many cases, such services may have been cost-prohibitive if they’d been purchased separately. An example of this is DevicePro, Wireless Logic’s device management tool. The newly developed tool is device agnostic, delivering a range of module/device services including management and control, remote diagnostics, network management and a dynamic knowledge bank resource. Combined with connectivity, cloud-based DevicePro provides a level of application functionality designed to save time and increase efficiency across entire device estates, regardless of module or type.

The world of connectivity is also not as straightforward as it once was. European and global programmes require borderless solutions. More and more, we are working with customers who have a range of networks connecting devices and assets. And it is in these scenarios that the market is demanding universal platforms that can integrate network services through one window. Overlaying the likes of Jasper, Ericcson, Transcend etc makes operational sense. Wireless Logic’s ONE platform achieves this through APIs to create one window which can provision, manage and control multiple networks and tariffs, regardless of whether the SIMs themselves are contracted through Wireless Logic.

Seeing the ONE platform in action, we are about to implement its operation managing four European networks with up to 50,000 connected assets as part of rapidly growing mobilisation application. Combined with our VPN, the customer will consolidate the entire estate giving complete control, tailored billing by asset/user group, and significant savings through the subscribed cost per asset. And importantly, the customer will retain relationships with the MNOs where contracts dictate.

As a global partner to all of the major MNOs, managed services providers like Wireless Logic are overlaying what are already excellent offerings to deliver communication platforms that precisely meet customers’ requirements. Whether it is through the provision of private IP over our NetPro VPN or MapPro mapping solutions in partnership with Google and HERE, we are demonstrating to the market that M2M connectivity in its simplest form is simply not enough.

With the M2m/IoT market heading for more data rich and business critical applications, the focus on resilient and service-focused connectivity is key. Overlaid managed services will continue to grow to meet the demands of this this hi-tech industrial revolution. We will continue to push the boundaries to ensure the world of connected devices is better connected.

Wireless Logic teams up with Google Maps to enhance their M2M mapping platform

Wireless Logic, Europe’s leading M2M platform solutions provider, has entered a strategic partnership with Google to integrate the Google Maps global mapping platform into their managed services portfolio. As a Google OEM Partner Wireless Logic are working closely with Snowdrop Solutions, Google’s B2B integrator of choice, to ensure the seamless integration with Google Maps. The new mapping offering forms part of Wireless Logic’s ‘MapPro’ platform which delivers mapping and geo-location solutions to their 800+ customer base throughout the UK and Europe.

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The MapPro platform already incorporates HERE (a Nokia Business) mapping and is used by a growing number of applications where customers will often roll up M2M connectivity and the mapping platform into one monthly cost. The introduction of the Google Maps API will broaden MapPro’s appeal with many customers wanting to integrate the familiar mapping and Street View features of Google. The pricing model enables users to avoid the pain of the normal capex costs associated with world-class mapping platforms along with the ability to implement a mapping solution across small or large user bases.

Ken Hart, Principal of London-based Snowdrop Solutions comments that the new relationship with Wireless Logic is right for both organisations: “This exciting partnership enables M2M solutions partners to receive specialist M2M managed services with a tailored Google mapping platform. The channel delivers levels of service and commercials which would otherwise be unavailable from Google directly. We hope to introduce developers to a genuine B2B proposition that is accessible, highly competitive and quick to market.”

MapPro is now marketed through Wireless Logic’s network of European offices – in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. From there, over 1.5m M2M devices subscribe to a range of managed services across a single unified technology platform. With specialist M2M connectivity provided by over 20 cellular and satellite networks, management and monitoring software and a dedicated cloud-based private network infrastructure, the MapPro mapping and LBS service complements a growing range of focused services designed for M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT). Matt McPherson, Wireless Logic’s MapPro product lead and UK Sales Manager sees the addition of Google Maps as strategically vital to the evolving market: “Introducing Google gives our customers choice in the development of their mapping-based applications. Both Google and HERE have unique strengths – we can now make them in reach – both financially and with specialist M2M expertise. Users will benefit from the quick to market API mapping solution which can be rolled out in test form in just a matter of hours.”

To learn more about MapPro, click here.

Sierra Wireless selects Wireless Logic for a 4G/LTE connectivity bundle for distributed enterprises in Europe

  • Collaboration sees two best-in-class providers offering end-to-end wireless enterprise solutions for primary or failover network connections
  • Sierra Wireless’ distributors to access range of value-add ‘out of the box’ M2M and enterprise managed services
  • Wireless Logic to deliver complete ‘white label platform’ offering under the Sierra Wireless AirLink® Enterprise Connect brand

Leading European M2M platform solutions provider Wireless Logic has teamed up with Sierra Wireless to deliver a full white label managed services and connectivity solution. As a world-class manufacturer of 3G/4G/LTE modules, the collaboration with Wireless Logic will enable Sierra Wireless to roll out ‘end to end’ hardware, software and connectivity solutions marketed through their distributor channels in the UK, France, and Germany. Launched as AirLink® Enterprise Connect, the bundled solution will deliver critical network connectivity for distributed enterprises, with device management and wireless service included and pre-configured.

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Targeted toward distributed enterprise customers like retailers, restaurant chains, kiosks and smaller branch office locations, AirLink Enterprise Connect provides everything an IT manager needs to get a branch location online and connected in minutes facilitating mission-critical functions like payment processing and inventory management.  Sierra Wireless can now provide a one-stop shop where customers can acquire the entire suite of hardware, airtime and managed services in a seamless transaction.  AirLink Enterprise Connect comprises an AirLink ES440 Gateway and Terminal Server, pre-integrated and provisioned with a subscription that provides access to AirVantage® Management Service and a local 4G LTE wireless SIM, all bundled into one box. Speed of deployment with fast, easy to set-up installation is key to the new connectivity solution.

The white label offering from Wireless Logic will give Sierra Wireless access to best-in-class platforms that encompass full management and control of multiple connected estates – through cellular connectivity. Wireless Logic already connects over 1.5m assets across 20 mobile network operators (MNOs) and satellite providers. Sierra Wireless has integrated the ‘SIMPro’ management platform into AirVantage so its customers have 360⁰ visibility and control of entire device portfolios with all mobile network operators viewable through one window. Users can monitor data usage and activity, provision connectivity subscriptions on a ‘just in time’ basis, and in conjunction with ‘NetPro’ – Wireless Logic’s VPN, operate and monitor SIMs in real-time, securely with Fixed IP. ‘BillPro’ will enable Sierra Wireless to manage and control invoicing throughout their European distributor and VAR network base.

Commenting on the partnership, Philip Cole – Sales and Marketing Director EMEA, Wireless Logic said: “Sierra Wireless’s intelligent wireless solutions are now in use on a truly global scale. By working alongside their enterprise offering, Wireless Logic’s white label service will create important revenue sharing opportunities for the Sierra Wireless distributor base, adding value to their broad and diversified device portfolio. By tapping in to our range of managed services, Sierra Wireless’s customers will experience comprehensive connected communications, competively priced with a total focus on M2M, IoT and enterprise related solutions.”

Emmanuel Walckenaer – Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions EMEA, Sierra Wireless said: “It was important to us that we find the right managed services provider for this offering, the first of its kind to be rolled out in Europe. Wireless Logic’s expertise, particularly in the mobilized data sector, was an important consideration in our decision to work with them to develop and deploy this service to our European customers.

“With AirLink Enterprise Connect, personnel at remote locations can easily get their connections up and running straight out of the box, and IT managers have the added assurance of remote access to upgrade, change configurations, and even restart network equipment when needed. For businesses that rely on continuous connectivity, this can vastly reduce the risk of downtime and ensure those critical connections are maintained to process payments and access real-time data,” concluded Emmanuel Walckenaer.



The Internet of Things (IoT) – cyber-attacks and data theft – apocalyptic or solved with the right solutions?..

  • Connected dumb and smart devices falling victims in unsecure networks
  • M2M/IoT platform managed services serve up resilient and secure answers
  • Markets should no longer consider costs and challenges in deployment as barriers

With Hewlett-Packard (HP) reporting that up to 70% of devices developed for the Internet of Things (IoT) are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, the technology phenomenon that will impact on all of our lives, which will see some 26 billion installed units by 2020 according to Gartner, is under constant review in relation to data security. And this is further endorsed by Symantec’s recent commentary in relation to m-Health devices that were proven hackable by a simple $70 adapted hardware gadget. With the world rapidly heading towards a digitally beating pulse, the need to ‘lock down’ mission critical’ data across multiple applications has never been greater.

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Matt McPherson, UK Sales Manager of Wireless Logic, a European leader in M2M/IoT platform managed services explains that solutions are out there – it’s simply a case of knowing what to do and where to go: “At Wireless Logic, we have a growing base in excess of 1.5 million connected devices, the vast majority of which are across cellular networks. More and more of these applications are choosing to ‘overlay’ virtual private networks (VPN’s) to give their own private pipe between device and their control point – and by doing this, creating an environment where data is far more secure.”

Organisations like Wireless Logic utilise their own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to create virtual networks interconnected back into the mobile networks and their own fully redundant data centres. In the case of Wireless Logic, their IaaS known as ‘NetPro’ delivers sector-leading technology with virtually zero capex to implement and integrate into a client’s own network. Assigning fixed/static IP to each data SIM gives additional security ensuring seamless two-way communication between device and control. Matt McPherson continues: “Infrastructures such as NetPro are providing levels of security that organisations would normally expect from significant IT investments. A large percentage of our total subscription estate has now adopted the NetPro VPN.”

The challenges of establishing secure M2M device networks can also be time consuming. This is particularly so when encountering device estates that are connected across multiple mobile networks. The traditional model has been for organisations to put all of their ‘connectivity eggs’ in one basket. The expectation of multiple costly VPNs with numerous APNs has often led to compromised solutions, often dictated by cost and time implications on the operation. Once more M2M platform managed services providers such as Wireless Logic are thinking outside the box to unify connectivity by enabling users to select one or multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and still work off one secure VPN. “M2M asset deployments should and must not be limited to a single MNO,” continues Wireless Logic’s Matt McPherson. “Platforms are now in place where asset portfolios can straddle several mobile networks with the customer controlling the entire deployment through one cloud-based window. Country and multiple-country M2M strategies must have the flexibility to select MNOs on their suitability – geo-optimised and with the best commercials.  Add to this initiatives such as our ‘oneAPN’ which enables customers to assign the same Access Point Name (APN) regardless of MNO, we are streamlining the processes by which assets can be connected easily and securely, often in the field, without the need for multiple and complex provisioning protocol.”

Vulnerabilities within the Internet of Things and M2M world will continue to be raised as more and more devices are commissioned across a rapidly growing number of vertical markets. And whether the device is ‘dumb’ or ‘smart’, the drive to limit cyber attacks and hacking will see further widespread sector standards so that the corporate and consumer world don’t become victims of this new technology revolution.


Wireless Logic adds Dutch carrier KPN to its growing M2M Managed Services portfolio.

With European mobile networks and global satellite providers at the core of Wireless Logic’s M2M Managed Services, Dutch telecoms leader KPN has become the latest strategic partner to be part of the Group. With 4G, global roaming and strategic partnerships with other carriers including Vodafone and T-Mobile, KPN’s services will add significantly to Wireless Logic’s European offering with a regional focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Oliver Tucker, co-founder and CEO Wireless Logic Group said: “We are delighted to bring KPN under the Wireless Logic portfolio of carriers. They are investing significantly to deliver specialist M2M solutions which, with the addition of Wireless Logic’s value-added overlay of services, will deliver a compelling proposition for new and existing customers.”

With 19 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and satellite carriers, Wireless Logic now offer even more breadth and depth to organisations seeking one or multiple networks with a suite of managed services to deliver resilient and secure M2M communications.

Wireless Logic GmbH picks up major technology recognition

At a glittering ceremony, Wireless Logic’s business model – providing M2M Managed Services for multiple applications -  was a finalist within the M2M category at this year’s ‘eco Industry Awards 2014 WG’. The awards recognise leading service and technology innovations across the internet with this year welcoming the developments seen within the M2M sector.

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Wireless Logic’s business proposition is widely recognised as the definitive connectivity and control solution for cellular and satellite enabled devices, empowering users to connect, view and control large estates of assets. 2014 has seen its managed services enhanced with the launch of an all-new provisioning tool based on its sector-leading platform ‘SIMPro’. This delivers a host of new features that give users better visibility, tailored operational procedures and comprehensive tariff control across 18 global mobile networks and satellite services.

As a finalist in the M2M category,  Ulrich Kaindl, Managing Director Wireless Logic GmbH said: “Wireless Logic’s global proposition of M2M Managed Services has made a big impact across multiple European industry verticals. Our platforms, private infrastructure and connectivity solutions create a ‘one stop’ channel for organisations requiring focused M2M/IoT managed services. The recognition highlighted our unique ability to be entirely network agnostic, delivering connectivity and private network solutions tailored to a client’s application.  We are delighted to be recognised.”

Finalists were shortlisted following intensive scrutiny from an esteemed panel of judges including Prof. Dr. Paul Alpar, Monika Grass, Frank Kemper, Prof. Dr. Claudia Loebbecke, Dr. Michael Opitz, Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann, Gerd Simon and Bruno Wallraf. “The innovative power of the sector continues unbroken,” said a delighted Harald A. Summa, eco CEO. “Today’s finalists are all contributing impressively to the Internet industry remaining an essential driving force in the economy.”

For more information on the awards go to:

‘eco’, with more than 700 member organisations, is the largest Internet industry association in Europe.  Since 1995, the organisation has been instrumental in the development of the Internet in Germany, fostering new technologies, infrastructures and markets. As an association, one of its important tasks is to represent the interests of members in politics, and in national and international committees. As well as eco’s headquarters in Cologne, there are offices in the German capital Berlin, and representation at all relevant political decision-making processes in Brussels.  eco is a founding member of EuroISPA, the umbrella organisation for European Internet associations, eco also represents the German industry with a seat on the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO) at ICANN, and is a driving force behind the Internet Governance Forum.

To learn more about the organization, go to www.eco.de

Wireless Logic appoints former Blackberry Global Operations Director to new European role

Wireless Logic has appointed Matthew Tate as its new Head of Operations encompassing business activity through its UK and European territories. As the former European and Global Director of Enterprise Sales Operations at Blackberry (previously known as Research in Motion – RIM), Matthew brings an extraordinary breadth of experience to this newly created role within the organisation. His remit will span the customer experience being delivered across its direct sales operations in the UK, France, Germany and Spain and evolve operational processes to keep pace with Wireless Logic’s dramatic growth.

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The position is ‘full circle’ for Matthew as earlier in his career he was part of the original team at Wireless Logic where he provided logistics and operational support across a four year period. He then joined Research in Motion where he rose through the ranks including a spell as the global Operations lead for major account Telefonica.

Commenting on the move Matthew Tate said: “I’m joining the Wireless Logic team at a strategically important time in the organisation’s evolution. Our challenge is to build upon the strong operating practices so that customers experience levels of service that continue to set us apart from other platform and infrastructure providers within the M2M space. As a Managed Services specialist the emphasis must always be focused on ‘Added Value’ – whether the business is generated within the UK or across Europe. I’m looking forward to working with our teams, partners and customers to help take Wireless Logic to the next level.”

Oliver Tucker, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wireless Logic adds: “Matthew brings a high degree of blue-chip experience which will have a significant impact across our operations. His senior roles at Blackberry will complement our own aspirations as we shape the organisation to deliver on our continuing path of growth.”

Now in their fifteenth year of operation, UK-based Wireless Logic has seen continuous year on year sales increases that mirror the exponential expansion of the world of M2M and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). The organisation has country offices in France, Germany and Spain. In 2011, a MBO was performed by co-founders Oliver Tucker and Philip Cole with support by UK equity specialist ECI Partners (ecipartners.com).



Wireless Logic’s ‘SIM Sisters’ switch to ‘Race for Life’

Congratulations go to Wireless Logic’s ‘Team SIM Sisters’  featuring six of our UK HQ staff who have successfully completed the Cancer Research ‘Race for Life’. On a warm June Saturday and led by Credit Control Supervisor Tracy Greenfield, the intrepid six ran, jogged and strolled around the 5km course at Windsor Race Course.

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Inspired by the courage of both her father and a work colleague from a neighbouring organisation who have been affected by cancer, Tracy felt compelled to rally the Wireless Logic staff into this worthwhile cause. “In its 20th year, this charity touches the hearts of so many people and can deliver such positivity to individuals fighting this disease. My shout out to the team saw six of our most determined athletes who have all performed admirably with some excellent times posted for the event,” commented Tracy Greenfield.

With over £1200 raised Saturday’s event has surpassed everyone’s expectations. For customers and partners who would like to acknowledge the efforts of the SIM Sisters, please go to: http://www.justgiving.com/sim-sisters

The SIM Sisters winning team: Emma Hardman, Jo Sheldon, Tracy Greenfield, Hayley White, Kerry John and Gina Burnell



Wireless Logic now part of Telefonica’s Global Partner Programme

Telefonica has announced the integration of Wireless Logic into its M2M Global Partner Programme.  With more than 6,000 customers and over 1.5m SIM subscriptions, Wireless Logic is a leading provider of M2M managed services incorporating platforms, infrastructure, bolt-on services such as Device Management and connectivity.  In an increasingly connected world, Wireless Logic was established through the vision of co-founders Oliver Tucker and Philip Cole, to create a critically important layer between mobile networks and organisations requiring a dedicated M2M managed services solution. That layer is a finely-tuned set of value-added services including its ‘SIMPro’ provisioning and control platform, and its private network overlay ‘NetPro’.

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Telefonica and Wireless Logic have been working together for several years delivering tailored M2M services including local and global connectivity to a broad range of market sectors. By joining the Global Partner Programme, the partnership gives both organisations added breadth and scale outside of the UK, predominantly within Wireless Logic’s operating businesses in Spain, Germany and France. Outside of Europe, the organisation is actively working on projects in the Middle East and Latin America.

Commenting on the announcement, Oliver Tucker, CEO Wireless Logic said: “Working closely with Telefonica delivers a number of strategic benefits designed to optimize our commercial synergies, share market intelligence and reinforce our partnership approach to ongoing business development. We look forward to expanding our European and global strategy with the support of the Telefonica network.”

In the year ahead, Wireless Logic is targeted to continue its expansion with further investment across its platforms and infrastructure. The organisation has been recognised in both The Sunday Times Tech Track and Profit Track league tables as one of the UK’s most successful technology organisations in both growth and business performance.

Wireless Logic is a European leader in the IOT/M2M marketplace providing ‘one window’ to control and manage an estate of SIMs across 18 European Network Operators.