Monitor, manage & distribute visual data from one or multiple CCTV cameras

A secure, corporate-grade surveillance network system, delivering IP and Cloud-based technology to any PC, smartphone or tablet – with ‘always there’ 3G/4G data connectivity. For all sectors and industries with universal access and plug-and-play technology.

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Wirelessly connected video management software platform



Plug and Go – No complex network configuration necessary

Universal Access – From any PC, smartphone or tablet

Cloud Infrastructure – Scalable, flexible, reliable, affordable

Go NETView for IP Surveillance Systems

  • Know your Unknowns
    Connect to your remote sites using our 3G, 4G or even satellite data services and get instant alerts in real-time. Events are recorded to secure Cloud servers. 3G/4G router options available for rapid deployment.
  • Lock up your Data
    Visual Data is transported securely via NETView’s TLS protected connection to NETView’s remote servers, where it is fully encrypted.


  • Back to the Future
    Bring the power of Cloud computing to analogue or IP cameras with NETView; no complex VPN tunnels, fixed IP addresses or additional infrastructure investment required.
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    Discover a world of applications here.



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